Awkward Spoilers: Is It Too Late For Jenna & Matty To Reunite?

In tonight’s Awkward season finale, Lacey delivered an honest speech to Matty leaving fans wondering if all hope for a Jenna and Matty reunion is lost.

According to Ashley Rickards, all hope shouldn’t be lost.

“Listen, it’s never over until it’s over,” Rickards said to TVLine. “Those two characters are still alive, right? That’s basically what’s going to have to happen for Jatty to no longer exist — someone’s going to have to die. What Lacey meant is that Matty is too indecisive when the ball is in his court, and in a sense, she’s right. She wants her daughter to be with someone serious, someone who’s not going to mess with her head and string her along. It’s right for a mom to feel territorial like that.”