Take a look at full Battleworld Map from Marvel Comics’ Upcoming 2015 Secret Wars

CBR has posted a huge look at the full Battleworld (though there are still a few “Classified” secrets left) spanning all over the many, many universes as part of Marvel Comics’ 2015 Secret Wars.

Click on the map to see the full blown up version!

I can’t even pretend to be able to identify each of the world represented, but somethings that jumped out at me are New Quack City (HOWARD THE DUCK), Marville (dear god…why??), King James England (1602), and Monarchy of M (House of M). Also, I love that New York contains both the 616 and Ultimate Marvel universes.

This actually was a really effective teaser for me.  I’ve said a few times, I am not much of a Hickman fan, but I am definitely real curious how this whole Secret Wars thing will play out.

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