Comics Nexus Flashback 12/04/2004: Leave Your Spandex @t the Door, DC/Superman Roundtable

Leave Your Spandex @t the Door 04.12.2004

Welcome to the 42nd installment of Leave Your Spandex @t the Door!

It’s the first week December, which means it’s time to look through the thick volume of solicited goodness that is the Diamond PREVIEWS catalog and give you the product highlights that you sould be on the lookout for, in our monthly edition of PREVIEWSCOPE. The focus will be less on the big publishers and more on the independent and creator-owned comics, since that section of the catalog is the bulkiest and the most difficult to wade through. Every month I’m joined by a different Nexus crew member who will give a separate viewpoint on the upcoming books and recommendations on the mainstream companies.

Joining me for Previewscope February is Ben Nagy!! Much like his name, right now, everything Ben says in the column will be in bold, while all my comments will be in the regular boring font. You can check out a list of Ben’s recent reviews right here!

Yeah, it’s a short month but that just means more comics to buy in less time, right? Start saving now kiddies.



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The Roundtable

RUMOUR: DC wants Mark Millar to write two Superman monthlies, one drawn by Jim Lee, the other by Bryan Hitch, despite personal difficulties with DC President Paul Levitz. (credit: All The Rage)

Jesse Baker (Nexus reviewer): Nerdrage Mode On.

If there is a God, Levitz will kill this dead and tell Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch to f*** themselves.

Millar and Hitch’s recent public posts about Superman show that they (along with Waid) want to return Superman to the dark ages of the Silver Age, when the book was the laughing stock of the comic industry and exhibit A for why no one takes comics seriously, to such an extent that the Pre-Crisis Superman made the Adam West Batman look like f****** Dark Knight Returns

And why would Jim Lee be given a second chance on Superman? His run has been so boring that people aren’t even caring about even complaining about it! And Hitch is a lazy hack who needs to be blackballed, not given another high profile book….

Nerdrage mode off.

Paul Sebert (Nexus contributor):…

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