Pulse Music Flashback 12/08/2004: Dimebag Darrell Shooting, Spitalfield Review

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Former Member of Pantera Killed in Nightclub Shooting

According to an NBC affiliate in Columbus, Ohio, at least three people died and four others were wounded after gunshots erupted at at Alrosa Villa, a local club, shortly after 10pm EST. The band Damageplan, consisting partially of former members of Pantera, was playing at the time. A man apparently ran onto the stage and began shooting, firing several shots before being tackled by a bouncer and killed.

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Spitalfield – Remember Right Now Review

Victory Records, a label once synonymous with hardcore music, has found some of its less-intense bands hitting it big lately: first Thursday and more recently Taking Back Sunday. Now it appears Spitalfield, riding high off the recent release of “Remember Right Now,” is destined for greatness.

The band’s four members played in lesser-known Chicago-area hardcore bands in the late ’90s before joining forces in Spitalfield. According to the band’s bio, vocalist Mark Rose and drummer J.D. Romero started the band as a side project to satiate their expanding musical direction. After several line-up changes guitarist Dan Lowder joined the band and T.J. Minich took on bass duties.

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