Pulse Music Flashback 12/09/2004: Jay-Z, Prosaics

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More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks

Let me first congratulate Jay-Z on his ascension to the position of President of Def Jam. Not only am I excited as a Jay-Z fan, but I also hope that Jay can work some magic to make Ghostface, Joe Budden and some of Def Jam’s other struggling artists move units.

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Prosaics – Aghast/Agape E.P Review

With an ominous name and album title, Prosaics give the impression that there are questions surrounding the band and its music, but most have been answered. Featuring members of Tel Aviv and Rainer Maria, Prosaics formed in 2002 and opened for most of NY’s hot commodities, including Yeah Yeah Yea’s and the Rapture. With strong reviews and tales of a great live show, there has been a lot of talk surrounding the trio. This long-finished e.p is finally seeing the light of day, hot on the heels of their signing to Matador who will release their full length next year.

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