Even With Blood Infection, Ian McCall Admits He Was Willing To Fight John Lineker

In November, Ian McCall decided to travel to Brazil for his match against John Lineker, despite feeling sick.

As most fans know, McCall was forced out of his UFC Fight Night 56 match after being diagnosed with a blood infection only hours before his match. Now that the match has been rescheduled for UFC 183, McCall admitted that he was willing to fight the first time around and it was the doctors who forced him to withdraw.

“I still made weight having a sickness, a bacterial infection,” McCall told MMA Fighting on Wednesday at The Ultimate Fighter 20 Finale media day at the Palms. “I think that kind of opened John’s eyes, too. Like, I’ll die doing this. I don’t care. I didn’t pull out, UFC pulled me out. They took me to the hospital. Their doctor pulled me out.”

McCall (13-4-1), didn’t have a say in the matter as in addition to the doctors, the Brazilian commission also refused to sign off on the match.

“For me, everything outside of the cage is super emotional,” McCall said. “It just wears on you. You don’t have control over it. I can’t beat the s*** out of this situation. You can’t physically do anything about it, so it’s hard.”

McCall will get a reprieve when he gets the fight with Lineker he wanted at UFC 183 on Jan. 31.

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Source: MMAFighting.com