Pulse Music Flashback 01/07/2005: Nirvana – With the Lights Out Box Set Review

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Nirvana – With the Lights Out Box Set Review

Over 10 years since the death of the band’s front man led to an abrupt end of the group, Nirvana fans finally got their hands on a “holy grail” of sorts: a four disc box set of the groups demos, hard-to-find songs and other rare material.

I really want to love this set. When you first take a look at the contents, you can’t help but think this is the best box set to ever be released — there’s just so much material included. But is the wealth of the sonic offerings really enough to sell “With the Lights Out?”

It’s a real catch 22 when you look at it …

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[Beats] Appeals Court Reverses Alliyah Decision

New York’s Manhattan Appeals Court has ruled that the record company of the late R&B/pop star Alliyah can’t sue the video producer who booked the private jet that crashed in the Bahamas in 2001, which killed the singer.

The decision is a reversal of a June 2004 ruling, which allowed Blackground Records to file suit because Alliyah was considered the prime “asset” of the company and “not just an employee”.

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[Beats] Chingy Drops Nelly Diss Track

The feud between St. Louis rappers Chingy and Nelly continues to know no bounds.

Chingy released a new diss track this week called We Got, which issues the usual array of threats to his former friend. The cut was leaked online this week and even refers to Nelly’s recent feud with Hip Hop Legend KRS-One:

Better keep my name out your mouth, boy
I been discovered, boy…that’s why you hatin’, boy

The media hyped you, boy/ KRS crushed you, boy
Put up the chains, bars and the platinum teeth, boy

And bring the drama beef, trouble to the streets, boy
You started it, boy/ Well, I’mma finish, boy…

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