LIVE 10 Thoughts On WWE Monday Night RAW 02/02/15

Welcome to my Live 10 Thoughts on tonight’s RAW. Keep refreshing as you follow along with me watching tonight’s RAW!

1) Quick shot backstage before The Announcement shows A New Day in red garb tonight. That’ll get them over for sure.

2) So, The Authority will strip Reign’s Title Shot because of The Rock’s interference, but only if Roman’s accepts that? What kind of logic is that?

3) Roman vs. Big Show for the 18th time in the past 3 weeks.

4) Well, at least they solved the whole Curtis Axel thing.

5) Two matches in, and we have 2 rematches from Smackdown.

6) There is so much facepaint in the Tag Team division.

7) Cesaro hits a killer uppercut, and the production crew MISSES THE SHOT!

8) I am consistently baffled by the lack of explanation of Brie Bella’s heel turn.

9) The Miz/Mizdow break up has to end with a huge WM moment for Mizdow…I fear that with 7 weeks (and a PPV) before WM, that it will not get that far.

10) Bryan vs. Rollins would have a better match then whatever eventually main events WM, just sayin’.

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