Forever Heel: Have Sick Children Become the Heels?

I thought before I hit this week’s list that I’d say that I support Conner the Crusher being an honorary inductee in the WWE Hall of Fame. Little Conner is Daniel Bryan ‘s biggest fan, and through “Make a Wish” he was able to meet Daniel Bryan. Conner the Crusher was even able to help Bryan fight off Triple H, and other nasty heels. Sadly cancer took Conner from us, and we lost a future champ. Recently there has been a campaign to induct young Conner into the WWE HOF. Of course all the assholes in the IWC hate this idea. It’s okay guys, Conner won’t take the spot reserved for your child murdering messiah (Benoit dipshits, duh). Putting Conner in there won’t tarnish anything, or make anything less special at the Hall of Fame. Remember, Koko B. Ware?

He’s in there.

I guess if Conner gets in the Hall of Fame, we’ll need to let in other Make a Wish kids? Good. Let every child from Make a Wish into the WWE Hall of Fame. Just put them in a special wing of nonexistent Hall of Fame building. It’s not like the place is tangible. It will be fine. If you’re going to be an assface about letting a million sick children in, then don’t look at the list on the WWE website. I know some other people think WWE will exploit this, and they will. That’s why the parents will decide if they want their child to be inducted. WWE isn’t going to personally exploit each kid, they’ll just say something like, “Hey look at our list of WWE Hall of Fame Inductees from the Make a Wish Foundation”, that’s it.
I also can’t help but notice that the majority of the people who are overreacting to this are the young adult male fans. I got to say that I’m sort of worried about the lack of empathy. Is this my generation’s fault for cheering Steve Austin when he used to give the Stone Cold Stunner to the elderly, and Santa Clause? Maybe the PG Era is best for the young people? When I watched Raw, as a 18-year-old goofball,  I never thought much of it. I figured that as long as I don’t give my teacher a Rock Bottom then it’s cool. I never thought that 20 years of crash tv (from 1990-2010) would hurt anything, but I think it desensitized our younger IWC friends. I’m not advocating censorship because it doesn’t seem to help. I mean lots of countries censor shit, and a lot of those countries are full of dick heads.

I really think in this day and age of pushing young people to “Be yourself”, or “Be proud of who you are”, that we’re getting people who are proud to be sociopaths, and other kinds of manipulative primates. You shouldn’t live your life without regret. There’s a wrestler that lives without regrets, his name is the Dynamite Kid. Dynamite Kid lives in a wheelchair with friggn surgical hardware coming out of his toes from various botched surgeries. Dynamite lives in Britain, and they’re healthcare is slowed. The point is that if Dynamite Kid would’ve been a good guy, and not a drug using amoral bastard, he’d be still doing running clotheslines. Instead he yells at black people and spews homophobic banter. We need to not make decisions that we might regret unless we have a real good chance of making things better. Look at all those morons that made sex tapes in order to get famous. Those tapes are now 5 for a dollar where I live. Actually it’s DVD ‘s, not tapes because nobody watches porn on a VCR.

I’ll tie this all together real quick here, and say that we need to think about what we do. We don’t need to be as blunt as we are. We shouldn’t be as vindictive as we are. Instead of giving our opinion about where Make a Wish kids should be in the WWE, maybe we should just be happy for the little guys? Perhaps we should think if we really need to give our opinion to an overweight woman in a bikini pic? We may want to think twice about making a series of coffee table books with the woman in the bikini pic? All I’m saying is we should be nice and polite, but not to the point where we’re being condescending do gooder assholes. I think Rebecca Black is okay to make fun of because she has to know that was a horrible idea?

I’m sorry if this article is a bit choppy, but I’m not used to crusading on behalf of sick children. I’m used to giving opinions on half-naked guys that think they’re zombies, cowboys, or rogue IRS agent. Other than that, I comment on jerks that dress as assholes because their parents were shot by a muggers. Strive to be Bret Hart, not Steve Austin…or be Thor, not stupid Batman.

Top Heels That Need to Give Back Their PWI Awards
5) Nasty Boys
4) Robert Parker
3) Tank Abbott
2) Ludwig Borga
1) Eric Bischoff.  *Bischoff’s award was for “Most Hated”, or something. I think this award should be rescinded because everybody loves Mr Bischoff.

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