How To Get Away With Murder News: Marcia Gay Harden Speaks Out On Arrival Of Sam’s Sister

How To Get Away With Murder returned last week and revealed that while Sam is gone, his sister is anything but.

Played by Marcia Gay Harden, Hannah Keating’s will clearly push things to a boiling point. The cast recently spoke to about what Keating’s arrival will mean.

Marcia Gay Harden on her character’s arrival…
Well, Annalise is a commanding general of a little army; you know that going in. And when they say, “You’re going to go toe-to-toe with her,” you wonder, “What is your artillery? What is your rank and what is your uniform?” And all of those questions are answered in a roundabout way.

There is no one who can go toe-to-toe with a general like Annalise using the same artillery. And my thought when I first read this was — well, it could be a clash of the titans, but in this case, it wasn’t going to be. This is Sam’s sister, and she’s going to go about finding what she needs in a less direct way. That was exciting to me. It’s not quite Columbo-esque — that’s not really what they wrote — but what is my information that I have that’s different? How do I go about understanding Annalise? I know the history of her, I know her weak spots, I know her emotional life — which is something a lot of people don’t quite know. It was challenging in a great way — but not daunting.

On whether Sam’s sister and Annalise got along before Sam’s “disappearance…”
Oh, hell no — they don’t get along! Hell no! That was a given. When Viola and I met we were like, “But we love each other! What do you mean we don’t get along? Do we have to not get along?” [Laughs] But the whole point is there’s this family history and competition. These things were important for the writers to explore — so there’s pre-imposed dysfunction between the two ladies that will play to certain discovery scenes. And my character comes in sensing, “Something’s rotten in the state of Denmark,” and [trying] to illuminate what could be rotten. She’s not a student. She’s not afraid of Annalise. She’s someone who speaks her mind.

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