Marvel Comics Adds Another Event Redux To Secret Wars 2015: Number 15 Spoilers Are All About The Amazing Spider-Man Men?! Plus More Spider-Gwen!


In related Spider-Man and Secret Wars news, Spider-Man 2099 is being cancelled and replaced by Secret Wars 2099 to be headlined by a new Avengers 2099 team. More here.

Along with 13 other classic Marvel Comics events revisited, plus a recent 14th revisit / redux announced, as part of Marvel’s multiverse shattering Secret Wars opus, and its multi-tiered publishing plan, comes word that number 15 is on the way with a more recent Spider-Man related event: SPIDER-VERSE! Spoilers follow with the “Battleworld” series’ news.

Spider-Verse Every Spider-Man Ever


Marvel Comics announced that writer Mike Costa will bring Spider-Verse to Secret Wars with artist Andre Araujo. Costa describes the 2015 version as: “Our story takes place in one of the territories of Battleworld. Much of our story will be about investigating what makes this world tick, so it’s difficult to explain too much about it, but you’ll definitely see a ton of Spider-Man’s rogues gallery, so at the least I can promise you it won’t be boring.”

It is interesting that with Spider-verse seemingly wrapping up in last week’s Amazing Spider-Man #14, we get a new Spider-verse as part of Secret Wars. Writer Mike Costa describes his book’s cast as follows: “Spidey UK is forthright and straightforward. He’s battle-tested and tactically the most experienced, so he functions as the de-facto leader. Spider-Man India balances UK’s certainty and stiffness with a softer touch, and he’s also the brains—the team scientist. Their friendship is also one of the sweeter elements in the book. Spider-Man Noir is the dangerous guy; morally gray, willing to get dirty. Spider-Girl is our connection to the 616 universe, and she also serves as the team conscience. Spider-Ham is our mascot and comic-relief, but in a lot of ways he’s also the heart of the team. And then there’s Spider-Gwen: courageous, curious and strong, she’s our POV character and our way into the story.”

Secret Wars Spider-verseSecret Wars Spider-verse variant

Marvel describes the 2014 launched Spider-Verse as: “When the unstoppable Morlun returns, it will take every Spider-Man EVER to stop him! Dan Slott and Olivier Coipel spearhead a massive event that unites wall-crawlers across all universes against a single threat, swinging through Amazing Spider-Man and a web of tie-ins!”

Amazing Spider-Man Spider-Verse PreludeAmazing Spider-Man Spider-Verse Conclusion

So, we have 15 events revisited during Secret Wars 2015. Will there be a number 16?

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