Inside Pulse LIVE Coverage Report of WWE Fastlane PPV 02/22/2015


Hello!  My name is Vincent and I am here to bring you coverage of the WWE Live event tonight, Fastlane broadcasting from Memphis, TN.  Let’s start with the pre-show!


WWE Fastlane Kick-Off

Your hosts are Renee Young, Booker T, Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.

We start with the normal card review, and then go to the Social Media lounge.  They announce that everyone has the chance to ask questions tonight using #AskUso.

We come back to a preview of the face to face confrontation of Triple H and Sting.  We get the promo from Raw where he discussed Sting representing WCW as they show footage from Survivor Series as well as the Raw 3 on 1 where Sting showed up both times as Stingerference.  We finish with Fake Sting’s appearance and his acceptance.  Saxton brings the WCW vs. WWE angle of the confrontation back up saying that Triple H will fight WCW winning again.  Booker T brings up the history of Sting from Crockett to the newer WCW and how he stayed.  But the WWE won overall.

After this, we go to the TMZ founded story of Seth Rollins’ promo on being untouchable and bringing up the Daily Show with Jon Stewart being unwatchable.  They then show the footage from TMZ where Stewart responded, which was fantastic.  Seth’s response was next, calling him out to go to Fastlane.  They wouldn’t, right?  They discuss it and Corey Graves jokes about taking Stewart’s job if he is needed, which Renee fires back with Stewart joining the panel in his place.

Next is the preview for the Six Man Tag that was made at the last minute it seems between the leftovers of the Survivor Series match.  We have Ryback, Dolph Ziggler and Erick Rowan vs. Seth Rollins, Kane and Big Show.  They show the footage from last Thursday on Smackdown of the Authority team taking down the three faces.  An interview follows with Ziggler, Ryback and Rowan.  Ryback walks in revving an engine.  Heh.  Ziggler talks about what is really Best for Business.  Ryback gives Rowan another nickname of “The Really Big Guy” and gives another of the same ‘beat-em-up’ promos and then Rowan gives a somewhat more serious version to which Ryback says “What he said.”

Coming back to the panel, we get back with the panel as we go to an interview with Dean Ambrose.  Renee asks him what the match means and we get an AMAZING promo on the IC title from Ambrose.  He talks about how it isn’t viewed the same as it was when he was a kid.  How it used to be a title for a workhorse or a stepping stone to greater things.  He then goes over his past in the company with the Shield and himself over how he fits that bill.  Talking about Barrett now, Ambrose says that he would fight him in the parking lot of a Denny’s right now as they have the camera.  It goes back to highlighting the title as well as having workout videos for Ambrose.  He will win the title and bring it to Wrestlemania, where he will take it to new heights.  He looks really impressive during all of this.  An inspired segment about what it should be and how good he is.  The panel then breaks it down, stating the history of the belt with Booker T, with Booker bringing up how Barrett is injury prone for this match.

They segue to the Tag Team match between Usos and Kidd/Cesaro.  We go back to the Smackdown double date gone wrong to give the history of the rivalry.  They come back and Saxton discusses how the team of Kidd and Cesaro has the potential and how that has been talked about for a long time.

To the Diva’s Championship.  We flash back to Raw last Monday where we get a look at the Bellas stealing Paige’s gear in a segment followed by her getting an outfit from a Rosebud for her match.  Saxton interviewed the Bellas earlier today and they give the usual Diva’s interview of the bratty, looks obsessed bad girls.  The only real history they bring up is Paige winning the title twice and being a serious threat.

Cena and Rusev are next on the block.  Our video promo this time starts with Cena’s promo about how the Authority is trying to create a WWE without Cena and how he will never give up.  Then to Rusev’s promo on how Cena is old and how he can’t be beaten, followed by the wonderful physical encounter where Cena was knocked out on top of the ramp against the LED board.  This is followed by the Raw segment the week after with a mirror of this with Cena taking out Rusev on the ramp.  They talk afterward about how Rusev is putting everything on the line with his undefeated streak and the US title.  Saxton says how if Rusev can beat an Amped Up Cena, his legacy will go through the roof.  Booker’s comments are overblown by Lilian Garcia in the background.  Graves talks about how he was a believer for a while behind Rusev, but has changed his mind.

To the Q and A with the Usos in the Lounge.  First is how they feel about Rikishi going in the HOF.  They are “Excited, we are ecstatic” and are proud.  What is the Highlight of their careers?  Dancing with Rikishi on Raw.  What was the biggest challenge to getting to the WWE together?  There was a lot of sibling rivalry, but they ended up making it as family.  Very short and sweet.

Eva Marie and Cameron were shown on E! as they helped to kick off the Oscars on that network.  But next, we have the MizTV Segment.  Preceded by another Sheamus promo.

MizTV Segment with Paul Heyman

We come back from the Promo to ringside with JBL, Cole and Lawler for the MizTV segment.  Miz comes out first, Mizdow behind with a lot of enthusiasm before Miz shuts him down after the crowd goes wild.  The same repeats when they get into the ring.

Mizdow is chided on the mic with Miz asking him what he is doing.  Personal assistants should be in the corner of the ring, which Mizdow reluctantly does.  Miz finally starts by introducing himself, saying how he missed out on presenting at the Oscars so that he could be at Fastlane.  He’s here to see the winner of the match between Reigns and Bryan.  The winner will go on to face Lesnar at Wrestlemania.  His guest will be watching that match closely.  It is Paul Heyman!  He comes out with no music, shakes the Miz’ hand and they start.

First question is Will Brock Lesnar be here tonight?  Heyman smiles and says that is an interesting question as he understands how Miz is afraid of Brock and not even being an actor can hide that.  We get the standard Heyman intro with him teasing introducing Lesnar, but he is not there.  Miz states that he IS a good actor and that he is on his way to get an Oscar.  And that he has been a champion himself.

Back to the show as he asks if Brock has a preference for who wins as Miz brings up Bryan’s performance at Mania last year.  Heyman understands how everyone is behind Bryan and how he is riding the momentum.  Bryan is even popular with the fans.  But if he wins, Lesnar will not be concerned.

Heyman turns his attention to Mizdow in the corner and how he doesn’t like being stared at by him.  Miz blows up at Mizdow and tells him to turn and face the turnbuckle.  Mizdown acts like he is going to attack, only to sit down as ordered as Miz tries to quiet the crowd.

We are back to asking Heyman about Reigns.  He knows all about him.  He has known him since he was 13 or 14 years old.  He is from the violent island of Samoa.  He was the badass of the Shield.  He won the Rumble.  But if he wins, he will go to Mania and lose.  This is interrupted by a Mizdow chant.  Heyman says that it is okay and that he will start over again.  To which he does.  Almost verbatim.  We get back to the where he left of saying that when they get to Mania, and if Bryan wins, the Yes chants will happen.  But they will be disappointed when he loses.  Just like Reigns will if he wins.  And you can Believe That.  Heyman then exits as Miz applauds him.

Back to the panel after a break and we move on to the preview of the Number one contender match.  We get a history of Brock Lesnar and how he dominant he has looked over a Heyman promo.  We switch to the Rumble and Roman winning.  Bryan’s interview where he says how he was disappointed that Reigns won the night after.  Various dueling interviews followed by the brawl at the end of Raw this week that really did something to up the value of the match, emotionally.  We come out to Graves saying that he doesn’t thing Bryan will win and beat Reigns as he is too dominant at the moment.  Saxton agrees.  Booker talks about the pressure on Reigns with his family history.  He says that Bryan is on fire and that he should win tonight.  Final predictions are Saxton and Graves for Reigns and Booker for Bryan.

We conclude with the shill for the network and a fade out.


WWE Fastlane 2015

We are in Memphis, TN and your announcers are JBL, Michael Cole and Jerry “The King” Lawler


Match #1: Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Erick Rowan vs. Seth Rollins (w/J&J Security), Big Show and Kane

We get a background again from Cole as the faces are being held back by the Authority.  As Rollins’ team enters, we get a flashback to Smackdown of the brawl that led to this match.

The match is starting off with Dolph Ziggler and Seth Rollins.  Lockup to start, leading to Rollins getting a headlock on Ziggler.  Rollins is put into the ropes, only to shoulder block Ziggler.  Ziggler gets back up, getting caught by Rollins, only to have Ziggler flip him over into a pinning position.  Rollins escapes the ring to cool down.  Coming back in, Rollins takes control again with Ziggler taking hits in the corner.  Into the ropes again as Ziggler this time hits a drop kick, dragging Rollins over to tag in Rowan.  Rowan introduces Rollins to the corner with his head.  Rollins tries to get offense but ends up getting pulled into a pumphandle slam into a back breaker.  Pinning attempt gets two after an elbow drop.  Rowan tries to drag Rollins back, but he escapes and tags Kane.

He almost immediately gets slammed by Rowan, followed by a leg drop.  Rowan goes to the top and hits an elbow on Kane.  Pin attempt gets a two.  Kane gets up with him, pushing him back into the corner to stop him and Big Show tags in.

Show takes over, throwing Rowan into the corner, but ends up with Rowan fighting back.  Show responds by throwing him out and following, to have Rowan throw him into the ring post.  Teased threat by J&J distracts Rowan long enough for Show to dodge a kick, Rowan jamming his leg into the ring post.  Show finds a target as Rowan sells the leg, kicking it on the outside, then back into the ring for more attacks on that leg.  The pace slows with Show in control, slamming Rowan to the mat and continuing to kick and drop elbows on that leg.

Kane is then tagged in, continuing the attack on Rowan and the injured right leg.  Rollins gets tagged back in after a short time, starting to work over the same weak point.  Rowan gets a hand of hair to get back to his feet, shoving Rollins into the corner only to eat a boot.  Rollins goes to the top and nails Rowan, getting a two count pin.

Big Show is tagged in as the team continues to isolate Rowan.  Show uses a submission maneuveron the leg!  Bit of a surprise.  JBL makes a Rubic’s cube joke.  Crowd starts a “Feed Me More” chant.  Rowan fights out of a chokeslam attempt

Show tags to Rollins and he knocks Ziggler off the apron.  But Rowan attacks long enough to get to Ryback, who tags in and starts to go nuts on Rollins.  Quick series leads to a powerbomb by Ryback and setting up to finish him.  Kane comes in a distraction and gets dumped.  J&J distraction leading to a rollup for two.  A superkick to the head of Ryback gets two.  Rollins is surprised.  Goes to the top and misses a jump, Ryback tries to capitalized but a mule kick stops him.  Rollins goes to the top, gets caught in the Shellshocked, but Ryback can’t pin, leading to a Show run in and splash.

Ziggler is going nuts, leading to a tag, as well as Kane getting tagged.  Ziggler tags in, knocking Rollins down as well as Kane.  Ziggler with a DDT gets two.  Ziggler hits a superkick on Kane, a Fameasser on Rollins.  He goes back to the corner to get Kane, only to have Show run by with a KO Punch.  Kane slams him and we get a pin.

Winners:  Kane, Seth Rollins and Big Show

Post match, we get Rollins with a Curb Stomp on Ziggler, followed by the Faces coming in to try to rescue, only to get taken over by the ‘numbers game’ of the team with J&J Security.  Rowan takes a Curb Stomp.  They start to set up Ryback.  BUT ORTON COMES OUT!  Orton goes NUTS on them!  Mercury eats an RKO!  Noble tries to come off the top, getting RKOd!  Rollins is almost pulled in for the DDT but is pulled away.  Kane eats an RKO!  Rollins runs for it all the way to the parking lot!  Orton stands tall in the ring as the crowd goes nuts!

Wrestlemania 31 Promo.

We come back to get a video of the bad blood between the Rhodes family with Dusty, Goldust and Stardust, Cody’s personality starting to crack.  We go backstage with Goldust and Dusty.  Dusty says he has a heavy heart over what is happening.  He says they both mean the world with him.  Goldust used to go to his father’s matches with Cody and watch him do what he does best.  He says he is not facing Cody, but Stardust.  He has to beat him so badly that he never wants to put the paint on again and he can’t leave until he gets his brother back.  Dusty repeats that both of them mean the world to him.

Match #2: Goldust vs. Stardust

Stardust comes out and is not in a full bodysuit anymore, only wearing pants.  The Network starts to cut in and out on me during this entrance.

We come back and we are just getting started with a lockup.  The paint on Stardust’s face also now doesn’t cover his mouth.  Either that or the lockup rubbed it off.  Cody chant starts to drive Stardust nuts.  Goldust tries for a handshake, only getting slapped by Cody.  They lock up into a headlock from Goldust.  Into the ropes and both hit a series of arm drags leading to another standoff.  #RKOOuttaNowhere is trending.  Stardust continues to yell at the crowd for the Cody chants.  Cody starts to mount an offense and my network cuts out for a moment again.

Back to the action and we get a few flipping reversals with Goldust almost getting to a move before Stardust bails.  We get a shot of Dusty in the back watching.  Stardust comes back in and we get into a brawl between the two.  Stardust flings into the ropes, only to get caught with a back breaker from Goldust.  Stardust escapes and we get more torment for him with Cody chants.  Goldust starts to attack, countered by the drop and kick from Stardust.  Goldust drops with the punch and sets up Stardust for Shattered Dreams, but he escapes.  Stardust looks to be in trouble before taking control back from him and stomping Goldust in the corner.  Cole says we are seeing a meaner Stardust than before.  Lawler says that Cody is taking it too far.

We go to a leg scissor hold in the middle of the ring with Stardust clubbing Goldust’s back.  He flips it into a pin after an elbow from Goldust, getting two.  Stardust breaks it to strike at Goldust and a showboat pin for two.  Cartwheel from Stardust as he continues to run down Goldust.  “Who’s your favorite” from Stardust as he looks to the back.  He goes to take control again, distracted by the Cody chants.  A lariat into the corner once more as Stardust taunts.  Goldust powers up out of a hold that Stardust has him in, only to get thrown into the corner.  Tries a springboard elbow, but Stardust dodges.  More taunting from Stardust.  He sets up for CrossRhodes, but Goldust counters and rolls Stardust into a pin for the win.

Winner: Goldust

The announcers bring up how he didn’t really hurt Stardust and that is what Dusty wanted.  Stardust is stunned.  Goldust offers to help him up but Stardust rolls out of the ring looking confused as Dusty looks on.  Nothing looks really solved here.  A replay shows the ref didn’t hit the third strike to the map, but counted out loud for the win.  Announcers are confused.

We are back to the announce team and they once more bring up the Rollins/Jon Stewart controversy with a run of both of their ‘promos’ on each other.  This is followed by another moment with Rollins in the back.

Backstage again with the Rhodes family as Stardust says that Dusty killed Cody when he was put against Goldust.

Match #3: Tag Team Championship:  The Usos (c) vs. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd

The Usos and Naomi enter and party in the ring until the announcers finish their Hulu plug.  Cesaro and Kidd come out with Natalya and we flashback to the double date on Smackdown.

Jey and Tyson start us off.  Lockup leading to Uso being tossed into the ropes, coming off into a slam on Tyson.  Jey goes for a double team move with Jimmy, getting a two on Tyson.  Jey takes him to the corner for a beatdown, Tyson countering for a moment, only to be stopped as Jey comes off the top.  Tyson somehow gets to the corner and tags in Cesaro who immediately takes control, fighting him to the corner.  Jimmy tries to elbow his way out through both heels and gets controlled by Cesaro.  Tyson is tagged back in and places Jimmy into a submission for a short time.  Cesaro is tagged back in once again as he comes off the top into a stomp onto the leg that Tyson was working on.  Cesaro then gets him into another submission hold.  Jimmy tries to get out by ripping at Cesaro’s face.  It doesn’t work and Cesaro performs a one legged swing on him to stop him from fighting back.  Cesaro holds him in a crab and tags Tyson in.

Tyson comes off the top rope and leg drops the vulnerable Uso.  Jimmy fights him off and sends him outside long enough to get to Jey for the tag.  A quick series has Cesaro for a moment before Tyson makes a save, getting put out for his trouble.  A couple of pins only gets two on Cesaro.  Jey starts to go to the top to hit the splash, only to get tripped up.  Cesaro hits the superplex from the outside.  Tyson is the legal man and gets two!  Tyson with another move gets only two again.  Tyson goes for the Sharpshooter and is countered long enough to get Jimmy back in to try for a pin that Cesaro saves.  Tyson hits Jimmy gets hit from the outside, Jey slams into Cesaro on the outside and finally Jimmy leaps off the apron to take out Tyson.  Tyson is rolled in for Jimmy to hit his splash!  Tyson counters his pin for two!  Tyson comes with the Sharpshooter but Jey saves.  Cesaro runs in for Jey as they brawl to the outside.  A pin by Jimmy with both men out as Jimmy’s arm is barely laying over.  Only two.

“This is Awesome” chant starts as we finally get a break in action.  Cesaro sends in Jey, only getting kicked by Jimmy.  Tyson catches Jimmy and goes for the pin.  NEW CHAMPS!

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champs: Cesaro and Tyson Kidd

And THAT was a miracle that I could keep up with anything.  Very fast paced match!  A disclaimer:  I may have confused the Usos at points.  Could barely look up from my writing and I was relying on the commentary at points.

A preview of the Triple H and Sting rivalry/confrontation next!

Segment: Triple H confronts Sting Face-To-Face

Triple H is out of his suit and in his normal gear!  Leather jacket, Triple H shirt and jeans.  Full wrestling intro!  The Water Bottle is back!  MOUTH GEYSER OF FURY!  ROAR OF ANGER!  Slight spit of mild annoyance.

Triple H says that he confronted Flair this past week and that he apologizes for pushing Flair.  But he doesn’t apologize for his words.  He is here tonight not as COO, but as the heartbeat of the WWE.  He is here and he is waiting for Sting!  “We Want Sting” from crowd.

We are sticking with the new WWE music as Sting comes out.  His hair has gotten significantly shorter since he appeared in the ring two weeks ago…

Triple H says he knows why he is here and he only feels sorry for him.  He was the icon of WCW, he was WCW.  When the end came, he stayed with the ship and he can respect that.  With all due respect, Triple H was what caused that ship to go down.  His legacy is putting Sting’s legacy out of business.  It eats away at Sting, which is why they did what they did.  Because getting him and Steph out of the way would be killing the WWE.  But he failed.  And failing is what Sting does.

But what if Triple H can give the power back.  He can give the legacy back.  He suggests that they work together.  If Sting puts this behind them, Sting’s legacy goes on.  Through the Network (Crowd Laughs), through DVDs, Action Figures and everything.  He will be bigger this year than ever before.  He’ll even put him in the Hall of Fame.  Sounds good, right?  Sting doesn’t respond, only staring.

“Or, we can do it the other way.”  He can continue to disrespect him, and Triple H can beat him down right now.  Sting will be gone, it will be like he never existed.  The choice is Sting’s, but he won’t wait long.  Sting stays silent.

Triple H says he sees it in his eyes and goes to say something about Flair before going for a cheap shot.  Sting stops him and goes after him, and Triple H hits him to gain control.  He beats him down to the edge of the apron.  Triple H then goes out to get the sledgehammer.  He slides back into the ring with it, playing to the crowd and starts to walk over before Sting is back up WITH THE BAT!  Triple H is pushed back with bat to throat into a corner, where he throws the sledge away.  Sting then points the bat at the Wrestlemania sign. he wants him there!  Crowd starts Yes chant!  Triple H tries to come out and gets the bat to the throat again.  When he calms down, he points the bat at Mania again.  Triple H tries to talk to him, bat to throat.  Finally Sting starts to walk, Triple H charges and gets the bat to his abdomen.  Sting picks him up!  Scorpion Deathdrop!  He points the bat at the Wrestlemania sign again as his music hits.  Good segment!  Sting went nowhere near a mic and it is exactly what he needed to do.  Plus, the bat was saved for now.

We go backstage and see Bryan preparing as the announcers go over the match later.  They come back to the Sting confrontation to pimp the network again.  They even thank Sky Network which should be interesting in the community.  Jumping back to the Kickoff, we go to the MizTV segment where Heyman went on with his promo about how no matter who wins, it won’t matter to Brock.

Match #4: Diva’s Championship: Nikki Bella (c) vs. Paige

We are forced to see the Raw segment again where the Bellas stole the ring gear of Paige.  As well as her taking of the Rosebud’s clothing to fight Summer Rae.  “If she wore a hamburger costume, she’d be McGorgeous.”  Oh, King.  King, no.

The announcers say this is a fight between two very different Divas.  Understatement.  Paige spears Nikki to start off and we get several reversals with brawling all around.  Nikki uses Brie for a screen before they duck back into the ring.  Paige is knocked out of the ring by Nikki.  Nikki goes out and rams Paige into the apron, then throws her into the barricade before putting her back into the ring for a pin for one.

Nikki puts Paige into a submission, pulling at her head.  Paige tries stomping for crowd support and gets nothing.  Paige tries to fight back but is caught and an Alabama Slam takes her back to the mat for another pin attempt for two.  Paige is taken to the corner and beaten, followed by showboating by Nikki.  She charges Paige and eats a boot.  An attempted(?) pin before Nikki comes back up and Paige puts out a flurry of offense, getting a pin attempt for two.  Nikki comes up for a roll up for two.  Paige stops her, putting her back onto the mat for another two count.  Interesting move by Nikki as she slams Paige’s head into her knee, stunning her before recovering and getting a superkick.  We come back, Nikki pulling Paige up into a big slam!  Denied again for a pin and goes after Paige once more before Paige reverses and goes for the PTO.  Nikki barely gets to the ropes.  The hold is broken and they part only to have Nikki drop Paige into the turnbuckle, going for a roll up with a grab of the tights….for the win.

Winner and STILL Champion: Nikki Bella

Paige complains afterwards about the grab, but gets no support.

We get a reminder that the Oscars are tonight (Please don’t turn it!), where Eva Marie and Cameron were on the Red Carpet for E!.

Confirmed for Wrestlemania: Sting Vs. Triple H

Match #5: Intercontinental Championship: Bad News Barrett (c) vs. Dean Ambrose

Ambrose gave a PASSIONATE speech about the IC Title on the Kickoff show.  It’s worth a watch just for that.  We had a review of the “Contract Signing” where it was considered official.  JBL: “I miss Jack Tunney”  HA.

Barrett starts with control at first, sending Ambrose into the ropes only to have Barrett smacked on the return trip.  Barrett is sent outside where he rests for the time being.  The announce team is busy trying to talk about Brian Williams.  Fantastic.  Ambrose takes down Barrett for a pin, getting two.  Barrett fights back for a moment, then eats a punch before Ambrose goes to the top.  This gets Ambrose a kick from Barrett, sending him outside.  Barrett whips him into the steps and yells at him about the Zip ties.  He throws him back into the ring for a pin for 2.  Barrett retains control, laying Ambrose over the top ropes in the corner, beating him before kicking him hard in the gut.  This gets Ambrose down for another pin attempt.  Barrett locks in the headlock, Ambrose fights out and hits the rope only to run straight into a boot from Barrett.

Barrett follows him out to ram him into the apron again back first.  He then goes to throw him back in, only for Ambrose hitting the sling shot on the way in, the clothesline taking Barrett out.  Barrett goes for Ambrose in the corner, only to end up eating a DDT off the top.  Ambrose with a flurry of offense, ending with a bulldog out of the corner.  He goes to the top, Barrett runs out of the way, going for the Winds of Change, Ambrose countering into a pin attempt.  A skirmish again ending with Ambrose coming off the top from an elbow on the standing Barrett for two.  Ambrose goes for a move, getting picked up for Wasteland.  Ambrose down and thrown to the rope, going for the slingshot again only to get pulled up into Wastelands for two.  The elbow pad is turned red!  Ambrose catches him and rolls up for two.  He then hits the slingshot this time!  Clothesline!  Ambrose goes for Dirty Deeds but Barrett Bails.  Barrett goes for his belt, but Ambrose dives before Barrett can walk away, colliding outside.  Ambrose throws him back in only for him to roll back out and try again.  A fan ends up with the belt (or a replica) as Ambrose catches him trying to escape.

They are back in as Barrett tries to retreat again.  Ambrose stomps him in the corner…as the ref calls for the bell.  What?  He was evidently didn’t stop stomping before the ref told him to stop.  Dean taunts Barrett with the belt, before applying the Dirty Deeds.  We likely will get a rematch at Mania.  Horrid sports entertainment finish. At least it wasn’t a TV.

Winner: Bad News Barrett (By DQ)

Ambrose walks out with the belt afterwards, shaking off the ref that tries to get it back.

Commercial for the…Flintstones……WWE…..tiein.

Back to the announcers and WE HAVE DRUIDS!  UNDERTAKER GONG!  As his music plays, a casket is being wheeled out by two druids.  Cell Phone lights everywhere.  And it is Bray in the Coffin as it is opened, the music stopping.

He says there is a wicked feeling in the air.  He will never forget the first time he saw him, he made Wyatt tremble.  His eyes were cold, with nothing but darkness behind.  And he feared him!  But now, he is just like everyone else.  Weak.  And broken.  Just a shell of what he was.  His obsession with sympathy turned him weak, and his soul is lost.  Stuck in limbo.  Wyatt thinks it is time for him to go home.  Bray’s mission is clear.

He knows Undertaker can hear him, he doesn’t fear Taker anymore.  He is Bray Wyatt, the new face of fear!  And at Wrestlemania, he will claim the soul of the Undertaker.  He crosses his arms and the druids close the coffin.

After this, we go back to the Kickoff Panel.  Graves states we just confirmed that Wyatt is insane.  Saxton says that Wyatt doesn’t know what he is getting into.  Booker says that if Wyatt thinks that Undertaker is weak after his loss, he had better think twice.  We then get a tease for the Rusev/Cena match for the US Title.

Match #6: US Title: Rusev (c) vs. John Cena

I haven’t seen Putin’s picture in so long that I am questioning Rusev and Lana’s loyalty.

Worth noting, I am actually hearing more cheers than boos for Cena as he comes out tonight.  The first time in a while.  Main event type announcing for this match.  Did they do that for the IC Title?  I honestly can’t remember.

We start out with Rusev applying kicks any time that Cena comes near.  Cena is confused.  The crowd is a mess of chants.  They go back to their dance as Cena counters a kick with a RIGHT hand to Rusev’s head.   Cena locks a headlock on Rusev who powers Cena off.  Pin attempt for two.  Rusev takes him into the corner and starts to work him over.  Cena escapes to another corner where he is laid into again till he falls to the mat.  Rusev with a choke with his foot in the corner until the ref breaks it.  Cena fights back with a flurry of punches.  Rusev sent to the ropes and comes out of it with a kick to Cena.  Pin for two again.

Rusev continues to control the match with kicks to Cena’s gut while holding him in place.  Cena rolls to the ropes, attempting to get up.  Rusev meets him with a splash into a corner, leading to another pin attempt.  Many attempts by Rusev early.  We finally get the dueling chants as Rusev charges at Cena as he stands on the edge, Cena COMPLETELY telegraphs jumping off the edge as he is hit into the barricade.  Cena is rolled in for two.  Rusev is angry and distracted before walking into a drop kick for two.  Rusev gets up and returns the drop kick for two.  Rusev is now angry and Cena is on dream street and reaching for Rusev as he throws punches.  Cena gains momentum with a tackle and takedown.  Cena goes to the rope for a knockdown.  Rusev gets back up and meets him a second time for a quick slam for another cover attempt.

Rusev slows it down yet again for more beatings on Cena.  He’s actually coming off as completely dominant.  Cover attempt after a few elbow drops.  Rusev taunts as Cena crawls up him to deliver a punch.  He starts to gain momentum again, going to splash him in the corner before eating Rusev’s elbow.  Rusev takes him down for a sleeper/headlock.  Cena starts to fade and fight back, alternating between the two.  He eventually powers out of the arms of Rusev, only to get kicked by Rusev.  Rusev goes for a suplex, only to be blocked as Cena delivers a suplex to Rusev.  Both men are down.

They get to their feet, Cena ducks a clothesline, delivering one to Rusev and covering for two.  Cena went for an AA, but Rusev escaped and gave a DDT for a two count cover after.  Rusev is now going for splashes in the corner, hitting three before Cena falls to the mat.  Two count.  Rusev is furious at the two count.  Cena crawling up to Rusev again.  You would think he would learn.  Rusev, I mean.  Rusev goes for a punch, Cena counters and starts a brawl.  Cena with two shoulder tackles.  We get the slam to lead up to the Five Knuckle Shuffle.  You can’t see me to Lana before he hits the Shuffle.  Goes for the AA, Rusev fights out, sending Cena to the ropes  and hitting a superkick on Cena, getting a two count from it.  Rusev is still angry and frustrated.  Rusev tries for the Accolade, Cena tries for the STF, Rusev takes him down and there is a two count.

Rusev rushes Cena in the corner, gets an elbow.  Cena locks him up for a DDT from the top rope, but Rusev kicks out at two and hits a slam.  Brawling back and forth as Cena lifts him up for an AA as Rusev fights it.  Rusev tries to control but gets pulled into the STF!  Nowhere to go!  Rusev breaks the hold!  Alabama Slam!  Pin for TWO!  They are getting everything out of this match!  They rest after this as Rusev Putins Up.  Rusev starts to set Cena up for the Accolade.  Cena catches Rusev’s foot as he goes for the STF again!  Rusev teases tapping!  He crawls to the ropes eventually and forces the break!  Both men tired and frustrated.  They get to their feet as Cena looks frustrated, pulls him up for the AA but Rusev counters AGAIN!  Shot to the ribs and a kick!  Rusev goes in and eats an AA!  PIN FOR TWO!

Cena goes to the top rope after recovering but Rusev turns it into a slam!  ACCOLADE!  Cena tries to fight out three times, but Rusev keeps reapplying!  Cena finally gets out.  LOW BLOW off the distraction from Lana.  Superkick to Cena  Into the Accolade!

Cena is ruled unconscious as the ref calls for the bell!

Winner and STILL Champion: Rusev

This is exactly what needed to happen to lead up to the possible big win at Wrestlemania.  Also, Cena LOST a US Title match.  Wow, regardless of circumstances.  Rusev and Lana celebrate as the Russian flag drops.

Cena is helped out after the fact by refs but he shakes them off as he gets out of the ring.  He is booed by some as he walks out of the arena.

Wrestlemania 31 Promo.

We come back to the Fastlane Kickoff crew.  All are astonished that Cena got taken out of this match.  They then toss us to the Reigns/Bryan package.

Match #7: Number One Contender’s Match: Roman Reigns vs. Daniel Bryan

In case you have been living under a rock, Reigns is putting up his Wrestlemania spot against Daniel Bryan.  Winner goes to face Brock at Wrestlemania for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

#CenavsRusev is the #1 trend Worldwide.

Dueling chants as we get started of “Daniel Bryan/Roman Reigns.”  Both men are cautious as they start out before they finally lock up.  Bryan forces him into the corner and breaks away.  Bryan is in full on wrestling mode it seems.  Bryan gets control with a headlock on Reigns.  Reigns tried to power Bryan into the ropes but he skids them to a stop.  Roman tries to take shots to Daniel’s back, then powers out of the headlock and gets one of his own.  He knocks Bryan down, then goes to the ropes to try something before Bryan rolls him up for two.  He then locks up Reigns’ legs before trying a surfboard, Reigns powering him off with his legs as Bryan flies into the corner.  Very slow paced to start.

Kick from Bryan after more stalking as Reigns only looks annoyed.  Reigns corners him after two more kicks, sending him to the opposite corner, only to eat a kick from Bryan.  Reigns regains control into a corner before Bryan escapes, flying off the ropes at Reigns.  He pops back up and Reigns gets control again as Bryan is clotheslined to the outside.  He follows and starts to ram him between the apron and the barricade a few times before throwing him back in.  As Reigns comes back in, Bryan is back in control with kicks to Reigns’ legs.  Bryan goes to lock the leg into a submission with Reigns trying to pull at his hair.  Bryan kicks at Reigns’ knee and Reigns gets out by punching Bryan over and over.  Reigns picks him up for a slam, only for Bryan to wiggle out and start the kicks up again.  Reigns captures him during one attack, stunning Bryan long enough to go to the ropes and knock Bryan down.  Bryan eventually counters and sends Reigns to the Corner.  Bryan goes to the other corner, running into a heavy clothesline, flipping Bryan end over end.  Reigns gets a hold on Bryan, starting to suplex him, getting three in before finally letting go.

Reigns goes to the outside to rest as Bryan crawls to the ropes, leading to the kick from the outside from Reigns.  He goes to the corner to set up the Superman Punch before eating a kick from Bryan on his way in.  Ref keeps Bryan off for some reason as he checks Reigns, giving him time to rest.  Bryan finally gets back in, keeping the attack up on Reigns.  Bryan is forced to go away and goes for the kicks from corner to corner!  Bryan gets him fully into that corner, climbing it with him to deliver punches but is caught by Reigns for a powerslam from the top!  Pin attempt for two.

Reigns takes Bryan to a corner and starts to work him over.  He puts him up on the top rope and punches him from the apron.  Going up, he goes to DDT him off the top before Bryan slips out and crotches Reigns onto the turnbuckle.  Bryan goes up and gets a superplex on Reigns!  Pin for two!  Bryan right back on top for the Yes Lock!  Reigns drags Bryan to the bottom rope and he is forced to break the hold.  Reigns slips out as he continues to sell the liver kick from earlier.  Bryan with a suicide dive out onto Reigns!  And a second time!  Goes for a third and gets caught by Reigns, suplexing him to the mat.  Reigns goes for a charge on a recovering Bryan, eating stairs as Bryan dodges.  Both men are down and the ref starts the ten count.

Both are back in by the end as Bryan tries to come off of the top rope, Reigns catching him with a punch on the way down and a pin for two!  Reigns backs into a corner, looking to set up a spear for a recovering Bryan.  Bryan catches him into a roll up for two!  Kick to the face, running into the corner to set up the running knee!  Hits it!  TWO COUNT!  Bryan looks at the sign with worry.  “This is Awesome” chant breaks out!  Yes kicks to a kneeling Reigns.  He goes for the final shot to the head as Reigns catches the leg!  Smiles at him.  Bryan flips over him, pulling his arm with him and turning it into the Yes Lock in the middle of the ring!  Reigns powers out of the lock and starts to throw HARD elbows at Bryan’s head!

Bryan tries to lock up after recovering, grabbing Reigns’ arm and locks his legs around his neck!  Reigns lifts him and slams him to the ground as they are both out and the ten count starts.  They get to 8 before they start to fight on the ground.  Bryan with a flurry of kicks to Reigns’ head!  Finishes with the kick to the head of a kneeling Reigns!  He backs up for another Running Knee…Yes chants through the arena.  He goes for it and gets caught with a spear and we have a pin!  Reigns wins!  He goes to face Brock!

Winner: Roman Reigns

Bryan walks up to Reigns after the match and points at him while saying “You had better kick his ass.”  They then shake hands and Bryan leaves.  Reigns goes to the top rope and throws the fists up to the Wrestlemania sign again.  The team runs over the different matches that were made tonight as well as Wyatt’s challenge as we wrap up.


This PPV was much better than I had expected it to be going in.  Most of the matches delivered.  If Bryan hadn’t been in the Rumble and the main event happened after he returned on the Raw after with the same arguement, I would have been completely happy.  But still, this did not disappoint for the most part.

Vincent’s Score: 8/10

Also, thank you to Widro for giving someone that has never done one of these before the opportunity.  Hopefully, I didn’t mess up too badly.

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