Tales From The Arisverse With Avengers World, Multiversity, Justice League & More

Welcome to Nexus’ newest feature by a returning alumni! Arisverse gives you your weekly capsule review hits!

This week’s titles:

1 Avengers World #17 2 MPH #5 3 Superman Wonder Woman #16

4 Multiversity Master Men #1 variant Final Crisis 5 Stray #1 6 Justice League #39 variant

Avengers World #17 – An absolute joy to read. A bonafide love story. Amid all the craziness across the universe going on in the Avengers Cannonball gets his nose into Imperial Guard business to be close to his lady love Smasher. Sweet with enough action to satisfy the comic fan and really nicely drawn. The art is wonderful. It was a nice pace change to the Incursion story going on across the Avengers books and leading into Secret Wars. With a wonderful unexpected ending. *hearts* 7 out of 10

MPH #5 – A very satisfying ending to a good read with very strong..exceptional art. Characters and consequences come full circle and everything ties up quite nicely. the art rounds out the strong big screen summer blockbuster style writing with awesome visceral visuals and stunning action. This was a wonderful and fairly fast paced and wonderfully produced comic. Solid writing with great art. Pick up and enjoy the trade. 8 out of 10

Superman/Wonder Woman #16 – Let it be known…Tomasi/Mahnke may be one of the best creative teams in the last 15 years of comics. They just work so well stylistically together and this books highlights why..visceral mythic storytelling a little adjacent to traditional capes stories with brutal action and details. It’s all there. Circe reinvisioned wonderfully seeking vengeance for past slights on the daughter of her hated enemy. W…

Multiversity:Mastermen #1 – The one thing wrong with this issue, completely wrong and really almost made it unreadable was the art. Jim Lee the living legend, one I really love was just the completely wrong artist for this book. Completely. It didn’t need to be stylistically fitting to the period or theme…Nazis and WWII..but it it needed to have the thematic punch to sell the story…but to be honest Ordway, Paul Smith, Bo…

The Stray #1 – This is a book where art on my FB feed and a great costume design really made me want to support and read a comic. Much like Mid-night Tiger. And I am glad I did. Off the bat the art is terrific. Solid in every way. Think and open lined, with a little rawness that will evolve with growth. The line work is excellent and color really good. The entire book is handled well, even if at times there are too many pan…

Justice League #39 – What a waste an Amazo story..three issues or so ending here with a rather rag tag ho-hum superfight as Superman, Luthor and Wonder Woman make a last stand to allow time for a vaccination to be developed based on Supermans blood. The entire fight and drama is diluted completely by waaaaay to many words and no real big moments of punch against the infected Leaguers or the infected alpha Amazo. Its boring basically…


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