Empire Spoilers: Jamal Poised To Replace Lucious On Wednesday’s Season Finale?

It’s hard to believe that it’s already time for the Empire season finale.

The drama which has taken America by storm presents the two-hour conclusion to its first season on Wednesday and in a recent interview, Jussie Smollett reveals that the entire landscape of the show will change in the finale.

Smollett discussed Jamal’s promise that he would be the one to take the Empire from Lucious and if this prediction would become a reality.

“Jamal’s drive is still there — but I think that the reason behind wanting to get the empire is now different. He genuinely cares about the empire. It’s not a thing to show up his father. Jamal doesn’t have anything to prove to anybody any longer. He’s who he is. So, now he’s stepping into who he’s always been, because you can’t fight fate.”

The actor also discussed the major storyline shifts that have been predicted.

“Because you think about life. And sometimes, in one year’s time, life can become completely different than it was. We are dealing with an entire family: three sons, one mother, one father, wives, boyfriends, lovers. We’re dealing with all of these different people coming in and out. The world is going to be flipped on its head at some point. That’s just the way it is, but I really think that people will join the Lyon family on their crazy, dysfunctional, f—ed-up journey and want to see where they go.”


Source: TVLine.com