Mick Foley News: WWE Wrestlemania 31 Not “Lackluster”, Sting’s WWE Debut, #Axelmania

In a recent interview, Mick Foley had some interesting thoughts on current WWE booking.

On WrestleMania
I don’t think it’s a lackluster card. I think it’s a card with some question marks. We don’t have the three or four matches that are definitely going to deliver. That’s why I think it’s important that, outside the IC title, which everyone knows is going to be phenomenal, that the matches that otherwise might not be given the chance to shine, like the divas for example… those girls can go. I sense that the wrestling world is ready to accept good female wrestling. I really hope that they’re given the chance, so I’d love to see that one do well. I’m just interested to see the reactions, because Triple H was right when he said this was the reality era. The fans in some ways can make or break three of these matches with the unknowns. When Reigns and Lesnar are in there, can you imagine the crowd breaks for Lesnar? It could be phenomenal, the way they broke for him when he was against The Rock. The Rock was technically the good guy, ya know, years ago. So I think there could be a lot of excitement. It could be a letdown. It’ll be interesting for sure.

On Sting
I thought there was only room on the card for one mystical, mysterious entrance, and that’s Undertaker. So I was really relieved when Sting made an appearance and it was the excited Sting. I think that got people talking.

On Axelmania
When something gets over with the boys, you know you’re on to something. One win in the right place could really launch Axel.

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Source: Shining Wizards Podcast