Lucha Underground Results & Review 03/25/2015


Lucha… Lucha… Lucha… Lucha

Hey guys welcome back, I hope you enjoyed last weeks review (well the late one) because now we are going to cover the current episode of Lucha Underground. So lets first start with the show and then after the review I would like to take some time to discuss some things with the readers, But first the show…….
Now the show starts off per usual giving us some video clips of the latest open story lines going on. We see reminders of the story between Alberto El Patron and Texano. We also see the confrontations between Prince Puma and Cage along with the lesser important story line between Havok, Angelico, and the Baddest Bit** in the building. Once the video package is over we head to the temple.
Commentary starts off the show and hypes the 2 titles that will be defended tonight. We will get to see Alberto defend the AAA title for the first time on Lucha Underground, also Prince Puma will defend the Lucha Underground title in a street fight.Next Melissa Sanotos announces Angelico and he starts to make his way to the ring. She then Announces Son of Havok and IVelisse as they also make there way to the ring, Hovok seems to have cooled down and bit and now the crowd is chanting more for Ivelisse.

Match 1 = Son of Havok Vs Angelico
The match starts out like a fire cracker, son of Havok wastes no time and hits a big spear on Angelico making him roll out of the ring. Havok then sets up and seemingly goes for a dive, its get really confusing because he looks like he botched it. Commentary puts it over that he adjusted in mid air but the way Havok clutched his head with disgust I think he botched the spot and settled with a forearm to the back. Havok throws Angelico in the ring as the crowd begins the chant, he is still over and the fans love this guy. Returning to the ring it allows Angelico to re gain some footing and show some sparks of fight. They continue to go back and fourth until Havok takes control with a nice curb stomp. We see Angelico hit some nice kicks and he ends the chain of offense with a enziguri to the back of the head. Angelico continues to use nice foot work and kicks Havok outside of the ring setting him up for a major dive. Angelico cleared half the arena it seemed hitting his flipping senton on Havok. Havok eventually recovers and takes control with a nice back breaker as Ivelisse is starting to verbally bash Havok. Ivelisse continue to berate her man as the match continues and finally Havok pushes her out of the way surprising her in the process. Havok seems to be on a roll here now doing some impressive counters and even reverses Angelicos finish into a Frankenstiner. The crowd and commentary are all behind Son of Havok here, they all want him to win so bad. He does another nice counter dumping Angelico on the ropes setting him up for his finish, just when everyone is chanting for him to finish the match he grabs the mic and says he knows why he is losing. He says Ivelisee is holding him back and he dumps her in the middle of the ring, after she gets dumped he swantons Angelico and get the pin for the 1….2 ..3.
Winner = Son of Havok Via pinfall
After the match Havok leaves with the crowd chanting and getting the payoff they wanted, which is to finally see him win clean. After his celebration we see Ivelisse and Angelico in the ring, Angelico is trying to pick up the scraps of Son of Havok and swoop in on the girl. Ivelisse showing she is still the baddest bit** has none of it and kicks him square in the head. She leaves the arena as the crowd chants you got dumped, commentary puts over that hell hath no fury like a women scorn so I expect us to see more from this story in the future.
After commercials, we come to Dario Cueto’s office, as he is talking to someone who seems to have signed a contract to join the roster. We then see Super Mex Hernandez and I MARKED HARD. I met him before and he is a super cool guy and I was always a fan of the boarder toss. Cueto then says he will not allow him to be held back in some tag team and that he has a special front row seat for the main event tonight. After a bit of a stare down Hernandez give him a pound and walks out!
All I have to say is FREAKING YES, I am shocked they kept this from the net at least I didn’t know about this at all and it was a true treat in a time where we don’t get surprised as much.
After that Segment we are back in the ring and Texano is being introduced. They hype up the fact that the following match will be a bull rope match, and that this is for the AAA  Championship. Pero chants ring out as Texano enters the ring, they seize when Alberto El Parton the AAA champion walks out, Wearing his scarf he slaps hands with the fans and makes his way down to the ring. This has a big fight feel tonight and should be good match, I personally have never seen a bull rope match so I am ready for this. It looks like they are tied together to the rope  with a bell in the middle, it is also no disqualification.
Match 2 = Texano Vs Alberto for the AAA Championship
Stiff shots start this match off from both competitors, Texano gets the upper hand first and sends Alberto into the corner. He uses the ropes to hit Alberto and then begins biting him for heat. It doesn’t last long due to Alberto feeding off the crowd and he reverses Texano with a snap mare and a drop kick to the back of the skull. This sets up Alberto feeding Texano for the attack and propelling him over the ropes, he then follows up with a hurricanrana and he leaves Texano flat on the outside mat as the crowd chants. Alberto sold tweaking the knee but continued to stand tall. Texano is doing well slowing the pace and cutting Alberto off, he is using the bull rope to choke and and strike Alberto working heal heat while doing so. The pace and phycology of this match is much slower and has a pace of building to certain spots. I like this a lot, it has more of a heavyweight feel to the pacing. Alberto does a nice face comeback and begins whipping Texano with the bull rope, After taking some strikes Texano comes back and reverses into a nice code breaker and both wrestlers sell to let the exchange sink in. Back to the corner strikes now for Texano, even commentary puts over this being a slug fest, after taking a bit of a beat down Alberto again turns the ties by setting up and nailing Texano with a reverse suplex off the turnbuckle. After Texano kicks out Alberto taunts the crowd and starts going for the cross arm breaker. The crowd is pulling behind him but Texano jumps out and seemingly had it scouted, he then sends Alberto into the corner turnbuckle where a chair was waiting for him to collide into. After this Texano grabs a table from underneath the ring and sets it up in the middle of the squared circle. Its Alberto’s turn to come back and he pops up and starts beating on Texano. He then sets up the table and puts Texano on the turnbuckle, in true heel fashion Texano cuts off Alberto and power bombs him through the table causing the whole venue to boo. After all that Alberto still kicks out causing the frustration to brew in Texano,  he loses it and starts attacking Alberto with the ring bell while hes sitting on the top rope. After he takes a bit of a beating he blocks a strike by Texano and locks in the cross arm breaker on the ropes forcing Texano to tap. This is legal because there are no rope breaks in a no disqualification match, so Alberto used it to his advantage and locked in the submission.
Winner = Alberto El Parton Via submission.
Following the match we see a downed Texano in the ring as Alberto stands tall after defending his title.
After more commercials we come back to Puma traing with Konnan. In walks Hernandez and Konnan stops to show him love. They reference thier old days of running with LAX as Hernandez extends a fist to young Puma. Hernandez says he is a big fan waiting for Puma to give him a pound. There seems to be some resistance from Puma but he does and Hernandez heads out of frame satisfied. After this Konnan gives his young champ Puma last words of encouragement for his match.
Main Event
Match 3 Prince Puma Vs Cage  for the Lucha Underground Title
After commercials we come back to the main event. In walks Cage ready for battle looking strong in the ring. After Cage here comes Prince Puma the Lucha Underground champion (with no title). He makes his way down to the ring as commentary chronicles the wars these 2 have been in. Once the 2 wrestlers are facing each other in the ring, out comes Dario Cueto with the new Lucha title and I was hoping this would happen. The belt is a lot bigger and this thing is a title. This is much better then the legends of the hidden temple medallion they had before. They pass the belt in the ring just before they go to a commercial hyping the tension for the main event.
Puma jets off at the opening bell and hits a quick drop kick on cage, after hopping around and using his speed Cage clothes lines Puma off the apron to the outside of the ring. They have a nice exchange oo the outside of the ring and Puma sends cage into the ring post for some offense. After he eats the pole Cage catches Puma trying to do a hurricanrana and sends Puma back first into the ring post for the counter. Puma is sent into the ring as Cage is the first one to go for a weapon. He grabs a steel chair and begins trying to strike Puma but ends up eating a chair kicked in his face for the reversal. Puma then brings his own weapon into the match and begins to strike Cage with a trash can lid, after a few strikes he then hits a nice standing senton splash hurting himself in the process. Table chants erupt from the arena as Puma pulls out a table from under the ring. He sets it up seemingly ready to use it, but ends up taking too long allowing Cage to come from behind striking him down with a lid of his own, then throwing him back into the ring. Its time for Cage to show his dominance and he drops Puma with a power move, the story seems to be that Cage’s Power needs to be over thrown by using weapons or speed. Puma uses good innovation and begins taking advantage of the ring around him to counter Cage setting him up for a nice back flip splash onto the outside. The crowd begins to chant PUMA as he stands tall over Cage after winning the fans over. Puma then tries to use strength of his own and sets up Cage for a 450 splash and nails it through the table. Even Hernandez marks out for that and Cage is seemingly dead laid out on the table. After all this it only harbors a 2 count and cage kicks out and goes back to the well of his power, calculating the perfect time push Puma out of the ring for a stiff landing. After this he sets up the spot of the night and sticks Puma’s head in the chair and slams it into the ring post with Puma in it. He then grabs Konann and forces him head first into the steel grate and he continues the beat down on Puma. Puma comes back after seeing his downed mentor but still can’t land anything for a 3 count. Both wrestlers go back and forth hitting their power move and Cage begins to pull out his bag of tricks. Weapon X and a discuss clothes line is still not enough for the win, he then slams puma on a trash can and it looks as though Cage is getting too cocky with Hernandez. This allows Konann to get into the ring and hit Cage from behind with his cane giving Puma the necessary time to hit Cage with his like 900 flip splash.Winner = Prince Puma via Pinfall

I like this finish and the match was great. Puma gets the title he deserves and over comes the odds beating the machine. The best part about this is it leaves something open for the future. Soon Puma is going to start to feel like he can’t do it without Konann and he will want to prove that to be false. Also with Konnan proving to be overly involved I sense a falling out in the future for these 2, add the fact Konanna keeps bringing around these other guys making the focus not to be on Puma. Adding more fuel to the fire. This show was awesome and I loved it. They gave us nice matches with a different feel and I think that helped with the vibe of the show. The only thing that was off for me was defending 2 major belts on one show. It felt rushed between the matches but other than that it was fine and it turned out OK. I can’t wait to see where things go next week and for HERNANDEZ to have his first match in the temple!
Now with the show over lets have a chat about the future of these reviews. As I mentioned in my last post I had some rocky changes in my life but now have more time to really focus on this weekly review and more articles in the future. I wanted to go over timing with you guys and when do you like to see the review posted? I can do it as soon as I can after the new show, or should I wait a few days since some folks might not watch right away. I know for some this show is not the priory yet so they take a few days to get it. Either way its fine for me I just wanted to hear some opinions. Also are there any other topics you would like to have covered, maybe I can over some more news surrounding this promotion or do some fantasy booking type stuff. I do have some things planned but I wanted to open the floor a bit and get more interactive with the readers, any who let me know as I will be checking the comments more frequently and trying to get back to people as often as I can to extend more dialog between the readers, I hope you have enjoyed these reviews as I have enjoyed doing them and I can’t wait to continue. Well that’s all I wanted to go over so I will chat with you soon. I hope you enjoyed the show and let me know what you think.