Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With Big Brother Canada 3‘s Sindy Nguyen

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Murtz On The Scene: Exclusive Interview With Big Brother Canada 3's Sindy Nguyen
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The day after she was evicted out of the Big Brother Canada 3 house, I had the chance to catch up with Sindy Nguyen to discuss what happened. We talked about why it was so important for people to spell her name correctly (when houseguests in the Big Brother don’t even get any stationary to write with). We also talked about how much of a fan she was of the show on a season that has been referred to as the ‘Superfan Showdown.’ I asked Sindy if she thought it was hypocritical for Bobby to name her as the replacement nominee (after initially nominating Kevin and Brittnee only because they were the first two contestants to drop out of the HOH competition). The assistant cruise director discussed using her sexuality as a strategy on the series and if she developed any real feelings for Jordan. Finally, Sindy told me why she refused to hug Graig on her way out.

As we now know, Sindy has the chance to potentially return for a second chance and I asked her what her strategy would be if she is the one who gets to come back. Check it out!

Sindy Nguyen: Hi Murtz!

Murtz Jaffer: Hey Sindy, how are you?

SN: I am great, how are you? Thank you for asking.

MJ: Very good! If you are ready to jump right into it, we’ll get started…

SN: No, I want to small talk first! Of course I am ready to jump right into it! Let’s do it!

MJ: I think by now everybody knows that you spell your name Sindy with an S…do you think…

SN: I am not sure about everyone though [Laughs].

MJ: Do you think that your fellow houseguests will remember how to spell your name forever?

SN: You know what? There are 15 other amazing houseguests that I got the chance to live with (and judge and play with), and honestly, I hope I made a big enough impact in their lives that a little bit of ‘Sindy with an S’ will always be in their hearts so I do hope they spell my name like that forever and possibly they name their children after me! [Laughs].

MJ: Many of the houseguests are big fans of the show this season. Would you say you were a superfan or just a casual fan of the show prior to entering the house?

SN: I am definitely a casual fan. I literally just finished watching Season 2 and Season 1 of Big Brother Canada before coming into the house. I knew of it, but I didn’t know much about it and then going in to the house and meeting actual super fans like Willow, Jordan, and Johnny… they literally know every season, every little thing possible and that just put into perspective how big of a deal and how big of an opportunity being on Big Brother Canada is and I didn’t realize how dedicated all these fans are and how amazing it is. Like I am so excited to see everyone’s reactions and meet the live feeders and today has been a great opportunity to see that but honestly, this is like totally mind blowing!

MJ: You won the first veto competition and you almost won the first HOH competition. Is there any part of you that regrets showing the rest of the house just how competitive you are?

SN: There’s definitely no regrets in showing my competitive side. I knew that was going to come out sooner or later. I really tried to hold it in, but if I am on the block and it is a veto… you kind of have to win that. There is no if’s and’s or but’s about it.

The first HOH, I originally had the ideal of maybe throwing the competition so I don’t seem like a big competitive threat, but then, I kind of really looked good on that stage, on the ledge there, with my hair wet, my arched back, my booty hanging out there and the fact that everyone was dropping? It kind of motivated me to stay on just a little bit longer and I did.

So the fact that it was just Bobby and myself… I realized and I remembered the conversation that I had with the super fans saying that ‘people are going to love the fact that you are making Big Brother history to win the first Veto and the first HOH? This is [not] an opportunity that happens every season!’ I should have seized the chance and I really tried and I was so close… but unfortunately I didn’t win.

MJ: Bobby initially nominated Kevin and Brittnee because they were the first two people who dropped out of the HOH competition. After the veto was used, Bobby decided to put you up (even though you were the last one to drop out of the HOH competition). Do you think this was hypocritical of him?

SN: Honestly that is such a good point! I am so glad you pointed that out because I didn’t think of that and you know what? I should have said something to Bobby in that sense but instead I knew that the reason why he picked me was because of the whole HOH room incident and I think the whole nation saw that.  Especially my [facial] reaction when I realized Kevin heard everything.

So Bobby is a bit of a floater. He didn’t really have a gameplan. He didn’t want any blood on his hands. That’s why Kevin and Brittnee were up there. But there was an opportunity that someone was a target and that someone was me. I was also the Beast Mode Princess. He has got to take that opportunity so I commend him for doing that, but I don’t commend him for his choice or for not taking my offer. It was definitely hypocritical of him to put me up as a replacement nominee.

MJ: You didn’t have a problem using your sexuality in the house as you tried to distract Bobby during the HOH competition and also had a relationship with Jordan prior to your eviction. Was flirting a strategy that you knew you were going to use prior to entering the house or did you have real feelings that just naturally developed while you were there?

SN: I am a naturally flirty person so going into the house, to be honest, there was no guy in there that gave me the first impression of ‘wow I want to get to know him,’ so I was very flirty. Bobby is a guy. Guys get distracted pretty easily based on my experience so I really thought that using my sexuality and being flirtatious and fun would distract Bobby and that he would split because I know he is physically strong.

Jordan, however… he is so sweet and he is so adorable and I actually do have a bit of a crush on him. I kind of regret not kissing him sooner but I am glad that he was the last person that said goodbye to me and farewell for now and having that kiss totally made me feel a lot better about leaving. Jordan has been genuine and honest with me from the start, and he is the only person that has really gotten to know me on a personal level so that’s kind of what developed.

I really ignored the fact that he is 21 and he is four years younger than me but you know what? That beard made him look older and he has this sort of like teacher stance where he has his elbows crossed and his one hand is always like rubbing his chin. He is very mature for his age and then that just added on to the crush and that’s what happened.

MJ: Can you take me back to that conversation in the HOH room where you were talking to the girls and telling them that they should stick together? Clearly no one checked to see if anyone was in the bathroom. Do you think that one moment is what ultimately sealed your fate?

SN: That moment was definitely the one that sealed my fate. I knew that I was on people’s radar but I wasn’t a target until Kevin heard what happened and kept going. Now, I wanted to talk to the girls (because I wanted to know if we were keeping Kevin or Brittnee), about sticking together. That was kind of a consensus throughout the room, because honestly there was no girls’ alliance. There was nothing really there for us to really work on. Everyone was just kind of thinking of numbers. We had already lost Risha. We were down a girl and based on Big Brother history, there always seems to be a guys’ alliance so some of the girls were really really really convinced that there was male alliance so maybe we should keep Brittnee. I wish all the girls could have stuck together in a sense to keep me because I would be the target next week (as always ‘cause that would never change) but it was an unbelievable moment. I hope the whole nation was as shocked as I was when I saw Kevin come out of that bathroom. That was the moment, like I felt it in my gut, that I knew if he were to win the veto or if Brittnee won the veto, I knew I was going to be the replacement nominee and I was just hoping that I could compete in the competition at that time. But I couldn’t.

MJ: You decided not to hug Graig on your way out but seemed to be on good terms with everyone else (even with Godfrey who accused you of breaking the camera). Why did you refuse to embrace Graig?

SN: Gregg was someone that initially started the accusation of me breaking the camera and he first did it quietly, gossiping about it first. Then he actually started the conversation in that HOH room before Godfrey freaked out and became a bit of a bully in saying the things that he did. Now Godfrey approached me later on (in that same evening, within an hour) and apologized for his actions and I kind of talked to him like a mother saying ‘I was kind of disappointed with what you said, like there is the game and there is personal life and you crossed the line between that.’ Graig, however, not once apologized for accusing me nor did he actually give me a genuine apology at all. He kept with his game plan. He continued to accuse me, even after Arisa dropped the bomb saying ‘hey, it was actually a prank.’ He still didn’t give me a proper apology. He had a chance to say it on live national television and change the others’ opinion of him but he didn’t take that chance. He gave me like a half apology and then tried to hug me. Like are you kidding me? You just pretty much threw me under the bus and then try to be buddy-buddy with me before I leave? No, I am going to make sure that I don’t hug you. Don’t try to sneak in that hug, It is not happening so I am glad that people saw that. [Laughs].

MJ: Who were you closest to in the house?

SN: On a personal level, I was very close to Jordan of course and Bruno. I didn’t talk game a lot to them. We more talked of our personal lives and our families and friends. On a game level, I was closest to Naeha in a sense. She is very smart, but we never tried too hard to talk too much about the game and we never tried to leave the room together or anything like that. So gamewise? Naeha. Personal? Bruno and Jordan.

MJ: And finally, Sindy, if you got to come back into the house, what would your strategy be?

SN: My strategy… I would try to change everything that happened. Obviously my competitive side will never change. Especially [because] the house has already seen that. So if I were to come back and not win competitions or at least try, they are going to know something is up and that I am trying to be fake and whatnot. What I am going to change is I am possibly going to look around the corner and check nobody is in the bathroom before I say anything. I definitely know who showed their true colors before I left and who stayed genuine and nice to me throughout the time (after me knowing that I was going home). So I know that, when coming back, I know who to target. Gregg, Godfrey, Kevin and Bobby. And [I know] who to align myself with and I hope that would be Naeha, Jordan, Bruno, and Sarah.

MJ: Amazing, Sindy thank you so much. It was great talking to you!

SN: It was great talking to you too Murtz! Good questions!

MJ: Thanks! Have a good one. Bye.

SN: You too, bye!

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