JR Blog: WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Preview & Predictions

Jim Ross posted a pre-Extreme Rules blog, previewing the event, here are some highlights:

on WWE Title Bout
WWE Title Bout to be held inside a Steel Cage with Randy Orton’s RKO ‘Banned’…Rollins has to retain and one can expect a “cast of thousands” so to speak to be involved but hopefully the integrity of the cage will not be overly compromised in the process. Seth Rollins is still evolving as the WWE Champion and he’s a great choice for that role as, like many of his successful predecessors, Seth is a “beatable” champion but not tonight. Rollins and Orton should have a great match before all the shenanigans commence one would hope.

on US Title
US Title Bout is a ‘Russian Chain Match’ which will, I think, be the first for both men which is always an iffy proposition. Having a run through in a live event would’ve been ideal but be that as it may I am not a fan of beating the villain in allegedly his type of match but I also find it challenging to see WWE beat John Cena who is doing a grat job of making the US Title mean something since he won it. Unique booking to say the least which isn’t a bad thing but I’d have Cena lose the Title, chase Rusev and thus continue to add equity and attention to the championship. That’s what I’d do but that’s not likely to happen as I could see a Cena-Rusev blowoff match for the Title at Summer Slam if Rusev wins tonight.

on WWE Tag Titles
WWE Tag Titles has additional meaning since Kidd and Cesaro became champs but I like New Day being the villains as their original casting never worked. New Day must be diligent in learning to become ‘bad guys’ which is daunting in today’s marketplace so I hope the champions retain and that Cesaro uses the Giant Swing.

on Divas Title
Divas Title is a tough one for the participants as there is no clear cut fan favorite in this match to create the necessary synergy to have a good match. Both Naomi and Nikki Bella will do their best but it seems on the surface that they’re playing with a stacked or loaded deck not conducive for success.

on The Chicago Street Fight
The Chicago Street Fight between Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper could be a potential show stealer but as in many ‘Extreme’ bouts they will be challenged to have an accepted, traditional street fight in a PG environment. I see Ambrose winning a match that might be the victim of not having enough time but too much time for a street fight in PG Land isn’t good either.

on The Kiss My Arse Match
The Kiss My Arse Match should be another sleeper bout as Ziggler is that good, arguably the most under utilized talent on the roster, but I’d guess that Dolph will be smooching some Irish backside in Chicago tonight. Sheamus can be a viable, rugged heel if he too perfects the necessary villain traits necessary to be a main event level antagonist.

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