What To Look Forward To – 05/13/15 – Featuring Injection #1, Secret Wars, Convergence & More

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Here is a quick look at some highlights on the shelves this week, plus a review of last month’s Convergence titles corresponding with what’s coming out today. Marvel’s Secret Wars continues with a couple tie-ins this week as well. Several #1’s out of Image, so let’s dive in…

Injection #1Injection_01-1 Written by Warren Ellis; Art and Cover by Declan Shalvey

  • The team behind last year’s critically-acclaimed Moon Knight series return for this much hyped new Image series. The previews make it look pretty cool, so I’d definitely check it out.
  • Also from Image this week, check out Mantle #1 by Ed Brisson and Brian Level, and Mythic #1 by Phil Hester and John McCrea

Harrow County #1 – Written by Cullen Bunn; Art and Cover by Tyler Crook

  • A new ongoing series from Dark Horse, Harrow County is about a girl who discovers her special connection to the earth and some of it’s mysterious and haunting creatures. The single issues will feature exclusive back up stories, so don’t wait for the TPB. Pick it up now!

Injustice Gods Among Us Year Four #1 – Written by Brian Buccellato; Art by Bruno Redondo; Cover by Howard Porter

  • The next exciting chapter of the critically acclaimed series based on the hit video game. Captain Marvel 15I’m glad to see the new creative team has settled in nicely. Unfortunately this wouldn’t be a good jump-on point for new readers given that it is like chapter 4, but I highly recommend picking up the rest of the series. It’s been one of my favorite things coming out of DC the last couple years.

Copperhead #7 – Written by Jay Faerber; Art and Cover by Scott Godlewski

  • The second arc continues! This series has been a surprise favorite of mine. The first arc, A New Sheriff in Town, is out now and hopefully you can find #6 still in stores, because you’ll want to get in  on it now!

Captain Marvel #15 – Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick; Art and Cover by David Lopez

  • Carol is returning to Earth just in time for the end of the world! Sounds like a good jumping on point for new readers.


Well. Issue #1 was…is it too punny to say ‘explosive’? So much happened and I have so little to time to write about it right now, but let’s just say it looks like almost everyone is in trouble. #2 is out this week, so we’ll see where our heroes ended up.

If you’re into Secret Wars for the long haul, make sure to pick up this week’s tie-ins too, Captain America and The Might Avengers #8 (Last Days) and Magneto #18 (Last Days).


Only a few I wanted to talk about briefly from last month, so let’s take a look…

AquamanAquaman 2 Arthur like we haven’t seen him in a long time, out of water and hook-for-handed! Makes me want to rewatch a few Justice League United episodes.

Batman: Shadow of The Bat – A team-up of sorts for Batman and Azrael, during Knightfall era. Tobias Whale is planning a heist of supplies, and they’re the only ones who know to stop him! I was expecting this issue’s match-up to be between the two caped vigilantes, but it looks like Telos has another fight in mind. Very good start, I’m excited for the next issue!

Green Arrow – It’s a good ol’ family reunion/feud for the Queens! Only thing is, most of them have never met. While Connor Hawke is helping people escape from a supremacist group’s tyranny, Oliver is searching for love and hope. A good set-building issue, I’ll be interested to see what #2 has in store.

Suicide Squad – Waller’s getting the band back together! With a few additional members, this is gonna be one helluva fight!

Next week has a few more titles I’m really excited to talk about, so until then…

That’s it for now, happy reading everyone! See you next week.