Lucha Underground Results/Review 5/20/2015

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As always we will assume you are all caught up on the show, if you are behind please feel free to go back and check out past reviews!

After the video package we begin with a new band rocking out on stage, Vampiro and Matt Striker start the show off as usual as Vampiro is a bit more hyper than normal.

The beatiful Mellisa Santos starts the show by introducing Marty The Moth. He has a real liking for Mellissa and seems to be following her around. Next surprisingly Melissa introduces Prince Puma, and he comes down with his headdress and title. Konann is right behind the champ as always, and apparently that is the only thing Vampiro has against the Puma, siding with the cancer Konann.

Match 1 = Marty VS Prince Puma

Konann shouts “treat him like a joke” as this match begins. In awkward fashion Marty hugs the champion and begins to pose asking the crowd to take a selfy, after posing for a moment he then turns and lariats the heck out of the champ knocking him down. Taking a moment of happiness Marty then starts relentlessly stomping and pounding on Puma as he’s in the corner. After taking a few surprising shots, Puma looks on in disbelief as Marty begins to take it to the Champion. Finally after taking abuse Puma hits a Nasty Disaster Kick on Marty and begins to get off his own offense. Hitting Marty with stiff kicks and European uppercuts Puma continues his assault until Marty catches him with a nice counter. Following a big boot, the Moth lays out Puma and begins to set up Puma for an off the top rope maneuver. After taking forever taunting the Moth attempts a moonsualt and fails miserably. This allows Puma to set up and drop Marty with his spinning Sky High. After laying him out with his set up, Puma ascends to the top rope and gets off his 640 senton pinning Marty for the 1..2..3.

Winner = Prince Puma Via Pinfall


Following the match out comes Hernandez, the fans are sour at him him since last week he turned on Puma. Konann cuts a promo as the crowd chants Pero, Konann continues by saying Hernandez makes lambs look hard. After claiming Hernandez is soft they invite him down to the ring, Konann states Puma will take care of business now but Hernandez cowers and leave.

We are now shown flashes of Alberto getting thrown through Dario Cueto’s office from last week as commentary hypes up the fact Mundo will speak tonight.

Following adds we return to the show and find Vampiro and Mundo sitting in the Boil Heights studio. Vamprio does not hold any punches and goes into why Mundo threw Alberto into Dario’s office right away. Mundo responds by saying he wants to be the best, and he has proved that. Vampiro counters back by accusing him of not answering the question thus making him re ask, why did he throw Alberto face first through a window. The best part of this is Vampiro throws down his clip board and gives it to Mundo straight, he basically calls out Mundo by saying he is jealous that Alberto stepped over him. Finally Mundo snaps and says he was here since day one, and he is the biggest star in the company, he is not going to let Alberto come in on his turf, and now he is not worried about Patron anymore.The Segment ends with Mundo stating, “but you already knew all this.”

Next we find ourselves in Dario Cueto’s office, he is speaking with the crew. He is hyping them up for the trio’s title match. He says not only will they be competing for the belts, they are going to have to perform a sacrafice, that sacrafice is in the form of Ivelisse, Angelico, and Havok. If they fail Dario states he has someone who will sacrafice them.

Next Melissa Santos introduces Daivari who is laying on the turnbuckles. Yes. Next outcomes Texano still reeling over the history he has with Daivari.

Match 2 = Texano VS Daivari


Finally after a little bit of a chase down, Texano slides back in the ring allowing Daivari to begin stomping on him to start the match. Commentary paints the picture that Daivari is from a rich Persian family from LA. They are telling the story that his parents earned his fortune while Daivari just inherited it. They then put over Texano as being a hard worker that earned his stock by rising up the ranks in Lucha culture.  Daivari  then begins working over the left arm and continues to put heel pressure on Texano. These guys are working a nice brawling style with evenly matched technical exchanges. Texano takes control by countering Daivari from jumping off the turnbuckle and ends up superplexing Daivari on his back of the top ropes. After both wrestlers sell, both guys trade punches as commentary refers to Daivari as the golden warrior. Continuing his assult Daivari hits 3 german suplexes trying to put the young Texano away. Texano seems to turn the ties by hitting Daivari with a code breaker, just when Texano seems to be getting the upper hand Big Ryck comes out of no where and stiffly clothes lines Texano and begins to attack. As the crowd boo’s both Ryck and Daivari attack Texano and Daivari tells the ref to count the pin anyway, even though the match has been thrown out. Daivari then celebrates drinking from his booze as the crowd chants you sold out to Ryck.

Winner = Disqualification

Wow a really sweet promo come up next with Dario Cueto and Catrina. Catrina seems to come to Dario in a hallucination, she tells him he knows Mil Muertes could not be stopped when he was allowed into the temple. She says Muertes is returning more powerful then ever, and he wants the man that cannot die. Cueto says well if he wants Fenix, he can have him next week. He then asks what kind of match did Catrina have in mind. She responds with a death match as the music and camera angles get more dramatic. She then disappears leaving Cueto alone in his office with a sickening grin.

Now we see black Lotus walking along the rail road tracks. She is thanking her teacher saying she is ready, and now  plans on setting out to find and kill Dario Cueto’s brother. As she is going over her plans we see her teacher being confronted by Chavo, he states “if you are going to save her, you’re going to need my help.”


Now we get some clarity as we see Chavo talking with Black Lotus’s teacher. They go over their families past and Chavo proposes that he can protect black Lotus, only if her teacher clears his debt in Mexico. They make the deal and Chavo promises to protector her like she is family.

Now the main even for the Trio’s titles.

Main Event = The Crew VS Ivelisse, Angelico, and Son of Havok.

As soon as the Champions get introduced and come out, the crew go on the attack. Like blood thirsty sharks in a frenzy they attack and assault Angelico and Havok. Ivelisse is getting chants as she stumbles down the stairs in support of her team. Out of no where Beal strikes Ivelisse and he begins stomping on her as the crowd chants pero. Beal and Castro grab a latter as Mister Cisco whips Angelico in the ring. Using the momentum of Cisco’s Irish whip he dives from inside the ring and lands on Beal and Castro taking them both out. Once seeing his friends taken out, Cisco then runs and drop kicks a latter into Havok as he tries to get up and invade the ring. Angelico then tries to take the chance at getting the titles when all members of the Crew enter the ring and triple team him, breaking down the latter and then hitting their dagger drop kick moves. Castro then sets up the latter in front Angelico who is down in the corner, they then grab a chair and strike the latter with the chair sending the latter into Angelico’s man area, causing him to sell and flop out of the ring. The story now is they are just beating down the champions remembering Dario’s words, its almost as if they could have won the match already as all three of them stomp on Havok in the ring. They set up a latter in the corner and then a table across from it, as they continue to stomp Havok. Havok then gets off some offense and counters all three of them trying to take down the titles. It doesn’t take long for the crew to return and they counter havok and double team him with a double stomp into a DDT. The crew tries to get the belts but Angelico breaks up the team, they then take Angelico outside and slam his face into the panels covering the windows Alberto was thrown through. They set up 2 tables and we see them trying to send Angelico through them, he counters and tips the latter Cisco is on and sends him through the open window into Dario’s office. Angelico then sets up Castro on the tables and climbs the latter to the top of Dario’s office where he did his major dive before. After taunting the crowd Beal comes out of no where and takes him out with a kendo stick. Then as Havok is down below he sets up for a big move, Cisco dives from Dario’s open office and takes out Havok before he can land his offense. The crowd continues to chant Lucha and Holy shit as they love this match, and the crew begins to go for the titles. Havok tries coming back and does his patented Double back elbow and takes out 2 of the Crew, he then again goes for the titles sees them coming, thus does a nice moonsault off the later, and lands on the crew stopping their attack. He then goes bananas using weapons in the ring to counter the crew, the begins to set up Beal on a table to do his shooting star. Cisco tries to stop Havok from hitting the move but Havok  pushes him off and sends him landing on the 2 tables set up outside. Havok then goes for the shooting star nails it but does not break the table. I bet we see this in a, I am the table on spot on Botchamania sometime in the future Ha. Finally Castro re sets up the latter and begins to climb, HOLLY FUCKING SHIT, Angelico runs form the top of Dario Cueto’s office, jumps and Drop kicks Castro off the latter! This was an amazing spot, like seriously fucking cool! Following the Drop kick Ivelisse climbs into the ring and starts to make her way up the latter, Castro tries to climb on the opposite side but she bites him and continues up ward. Finally She grabs the first title releasing it from its hook, the belt falls and the bells rings signifying the match is over. Angelico and Havok storm the ring and they all stand tall for the victory with the titles! Dario Cueto looks shocked in his office as we go off the air.

Winners = Angelico, Ivelisse, and Havok.


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This match was freaking Phenomenal, when Angelico hit that drop kick from the top of Cueto’s office, I along with the entire temple lost their minds. Vampiro is seen jumping up from the commentary booth and running along the ring. The energy of this spot was truly insane, it was easily the spot of the night and is defiantly a candidate for spot of the entire show’s existence. The energy for Lucha is at full force right now and I hope they get season 2 all set up for us to enjoy. The quality of the show is just unmatched and again I patiently wait for next week, so I can mark out again for the show.

Let me know how you liked the show.

– Grainbelt Jones