Throwback Thursday: Tough Enough Throwback – Season 3 Winners

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This time on Throwback Thursday I am focusing on Tough Enough’s season 3 winners.

With the official announcement of Tough Enough returning to the USA Network on June 23, 2015 I think I need to get back on track and give a run down of the success (and lack thereof) of Tough Enough contestants of the years gone by.

Season 3 Winners:

John Hennigan
Matt Cappotelli

(Cappotelli & Morrison)



Unlike the season before it (and perhaps in an effort to amend the previous “scandal” of two women winning) two men won the contracts this season. Season 3 also so a glimpse of the future for WWE as several future Superstars and Divas were seen during the casting and filming of this season.

John Hennigan

Hennigan, better known by his ring name John Morrison is perhaps one of the most successful superstars to have come out of, and won, Tough Enough.

He not only had a successful tag team career with Joey Mercury (MNM flashbacks anyone?) and the Miz but he also had a successful run in singles competition. During his tenure in the WWE Morrison held the following titles: ECW Championship, a three-time Intercontinental Championship, and he has held both the WWE World Tag Team Championship and the WWE Tag Team Championship.

In his final storyline Morrison worked as a mentor for Eli Cottonwood in the second season of WWE NXT but Cottonwood was eliminated early on. After Cottonwood’s elimination Morrison went on to have a series of brief feuds and suffered injuries. On January 30, 2012 Morrison participated in the Royal Rumble and, during this match, performed a  leap onto the barricade to avoid having his feet touch the floor. Morrison’s leap is often highlighted leading up to Royal Rumble matches as an example of how competitors stay in the match in extreme ways.

Morrison would suffer a severely pinched nerve in his neck before being written off television and being released from his contract. After this Morrison took time to heal and has been wrestling withing the independent circuit and for Lucha Underground.

Matt Cappotelli

As well all know, not everyone who wants to be a professional wrestler gets to reach their goal or has a fairy-tale career and happy ending. Unfortunately, Cappotelli’s lack of goof fortune was not due to a lack of charisma or skill but due to a brain tumor. Although the tumor has been successfully removed Cappotelli has not returned as an in-ring performer and in 2013 he became a trainer at OVW’s beginner program.

Perhaps Cappotelli’s most notable wrestling claim to fame besides his Tough Enough win was his feud with former Tough Enough trainer Bob “Hardcore” Holly. Holly was accused of “working stiff” aka actually making rough contact and hitting the younger wrestler. He would later accidentally concuss Cappotelli at a live event in 2004.

This season had some great moments, a good amount of highs and a few lows but I would say this was one of the more successful seasons of Tough Enough, not just with the winners but with the overall talent presented.

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