JR Blog: Owens NOT ‘over’ Yet, Shouldn’t Lose To Cena, ROH Production, TNA

Jim Ross had a new blog up on Thursday this week, here are some highlights:

on Ring of Honor Production Values
Got some Tweets about ROH’s production values that new viewers had heard me mention on the Ross Report. I’ve been told by ROH management that those upgrades are coming and to be patient. That’s good news. I still think that the hard working ROH talents would better serve themselves inside the ring if they slowed down a gear to have some where to go but no one can ever question the work ethic of ROH talent. ROH should do what they can to edit out dated live event references as it make the viewers think that they are watching an ‘old’ show.

on Current state of TNA
Impact Wrestling featured some strong in ring product but they are getting borderline too talk heavy for my personal taste. Loved the tag match between Roode/Aries vs. The Wolves as they continue to deliver in a big time, main event level manner. Rockstar Spud delivered an excellent in ring promo because it had a beginning, middle and and end with a payoff. In other words, it was logical. For all the things that I liked about Spud’s presentation, I wish that he had chosen a little toned down version of is attire for such a serious topic as challenging Kurt Angle for the world title.

on Cena-Owens issue
Hopeful that WWE keeps the Cena-Owens issue alive and the only way that will happen is if Owens, the villain, keeps gaining advantages in any manner possible going forward until the time comes for the big, blow off finale. Owens is NOT ‘over’ yet and for him to start losing to anyone right now isn’t to my way of thinking. Bottom line is that it is more important for WWE at this time to get Kevin Owens established as a main event level villain th it is to allow Cena to even the score.

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