Stone Cold Steve Austin on Brock Lesnar “He’s Really Coming Into His Prime”

Steve Austin recently spoke with talkSPORT, and shared his thoughts on Brock Lesnar. Here is what he had to say…

“Here’s the thing you always strive to do: to command people’s attention with your presence and your presentation of the product once you get out there in the ring. And so, in a world of make believe, you want to make people believe in you and I think that happens the same with films – if you’re watching a movie, you want to believe what’s going on, ok?

You can have eight matches [on a show] and they can be okay then all of a sudden they announce Brock Lesnar and you go: ‘Alright, everybody shut up – the real stuff’s happening now.’ Brock has made people believe in who and what he is, and he’s an absolute monster and he can back that up any day of the week. Look what he did in the UFC with diverticulitis. And the success he’s had as an amateur. And the success he had in WWE before he left for the UFC.

He’s the real deal, he’s a freakishly strong athlete and I think he’s very entertaining and he’s really coming into his prime.”

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