Green Lantern: Lost Army #2 Spoilers & Review: Where & When Are The Missing DC Comics Green Lantern Corps? Plus A Surprise Villain Pops Up In The DC You!

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Next to Sinestro, Green Lantern: Lost Army is probably my second favorite “mysteries in space” book from DC Comics alongside their DC You branded Batman Beyond. Not surprisingly, Sinestro and Green Lantern: Lost Army are both written by Cullen Bunn. That said the art of Jesus Saiz also sells the book; I’ve been a fan of since since he worked on the Manhunter series a few years ago.

Anyhow, I’m someone who went from reading all of the Green Lantern “family” books to dropping most after writer Geoff Johns left Green Lantern and Peter Tomasi left Green Lantern Corps. I do pick the occasional issue if an event or storyline interests me, but pre-Convergence the only Green Lantern family book I read regularly was Sinestro; a “Bring on the Bay Guys” grouped book from DC Comics.

That changed with the post-Convergence DC You where we had the launch of a status quo upending series in Green Lantern: Lost Army. Its second issue is on stands today.

Green Lantern Lost Army #2 DC You Spoilers 1 Green Lantern Lost Army #2 DC You Spoilers 2
Spoilers and review follow for DC You’s Green Lantern Lost Army #2!

The free preview of the issue released by DC Comics starts off where we left off last issue; in front of a glowing red pyramid that exudes rage. Sounds familiar? It should, but why does it evoke the Red Lanterns when the displaced Green Lantern Corps are in a different dimension or universe or somewhen else from where they usually are in the post-Flashpoint DC Comics multiverse?

Green Lantern Lost Army #2 DC You Spoilers 3

Well, after tackling what the cover refers to as the first rage lanterns in this place where the GLC are lost in, John Stewart and Guy Gardner through the force of their will through their rings change the red pyramid to a green pyramid that they use as a ginormous power battery. Its a more clean charge that actually charges their rings to 200% each! Yet, it all troubles John Stewart and seems eerily familiar, but he can’t quite put his finger on why.

Green Lantern Lost Army #2 DC You Spoilers 4 Green Lantern Lost Army #2 DC You Spoilers 5
Green Lantern Lost Army #2 DC You Spoilers 6

I suggested earlier that perhaps the displaced Green Lantern Corps are somewhen else because the “evil” Krona in their midst, as debuting in last month’s issue, seems to be from the past before he committed his crimes against the multiverse (see the pre-Flashpoint evil of Krona noted in the below DC Comics Who’s Who entry from the 1980’s).

Green Lantern Lost Army #2 DC You Spoilers 7 Krona DC Comics Who's Who

The Green Lantern Corps encounters hostiles from the previous issue again, but this time they float on by and basically ignore the GLC. Krona hypothizes that because they converted a pyramid power battery to the green energy, the fact that the pyramid is native to wherever they are that prhaps the fact they aren’t from their is being masked…

Green Lantern Lost Army #2 DC You Spoilers 9 Green Lantern Lost Army #2 DC You Spoilers 10

…a theory the force nature Relic is curious about!

Green Lantern Lost Army #2 DC You Spoilers 11

Overall another awesome issue. Great writing from characterization to drama to the suspense and mystery to the action to humor and more. AMAZING art for issue #2 too!

I’m including the below art from issue #2 as a nice summary of the premise of Green Lantern: Lost Army.

Green Lantern Lost Army #2 DC You Spoilers 8

You really should try this book out!

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