Secret Wars 2015 Spoilers: Fantastic Four’s Benjamin J. Grimm, The Thing, FINALLY Returns! Fans Of Ben Grimm & Marvel Comics Rejoice?

The Fantastic Four may not have their own ongoing series Post Secret Wars 2015, but they play key roles. With Mister Fantastic as hero and Doctor as villain playing HUGE roles in Secret Wars 2015 including its finale in October 2015’s Secret Wars #8 (cover below).

Secret Wars #8 2015 Alex Ross October 2015 Solicitations Cover

Sue Storm Richards as the Invisible Girl / Woman has played a role in Secret Wars already, as Doctor Doom’s Queen, as has Johnny Storm the Human Torch as Battleworld’s sun presumably.

Secret Wars 2015 spoilers follow!

Well this week we finally see Ben Grimm, the Thing of FF / Fantastic Four, the “Ever Lovin’ Blue Eyed Thing”, finally appears in the pages of Secret Wars: Siege #1!

The Thing Benjamin J Grimm Secret Wars 2015 Seige #1 Spoilers Fantastic Four Marvel

Paul Miranda’s full review and spoilers for Secret Wars: Siege #1 is here.

And, in the post Secret Wars All-New All-Different Marvel Comics, Ben Grimm / The Thing is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy!

All-New All-Different Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy #1

No Fantastic Four comic series has been announced in the ANAD Marvel era.

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