UFC 190 News: Ronda Rousey Doesn’t Believe Bethe Correia’s Apology Over Suicide Comments


Early on in the fight hype for UFC 190, Bethe Correia said she would embarrass Rousey so much that she would want to “kill herself”.

However Rousey’s father committed suicide and the comment was considered a low blow.

On Correia’s apology
To bring my family into it, they don’t deserve that, and they didn’t ask for that. And I need to make sure that nobody else tries that ever again.

On not buying what Correia said
I think that her actually pretending that she didn’t know to save face was just as insulting as what she said in the first place.

On not finishing her quickly
Some things take longer. Like a choke takes longer than an armbar, and a TKO takes longer than the choke. I might go for the prolonged finish, instead.

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Source: mmajunkie.com