Big Brother 17 Episode 16 Recap & Spoilers 07.29.2015

Big Brother 17 Episode 16 just wrapped up! Here’s a recap of everything that went down, and what we think you should expect to come:

WARNING: Spoilers below (duh).

The episode started off following the Battle of the Block competition. Jackie has just been dethroned as HOH, making Vanessa HOH and Clay and Becky this weeks nominees. Vanessa is not happy to be HOH, and feels she already had enough blood on her hands.

James, who was suppose to throw the BOTB, says he tried and that Liz somehow still pulled it out. He apologizes to Clay and Becky, who say he’s good as long as he’s still on their side.

Liz tells Austin that James is clearly upset to have won, and was trying to throw it while she did all the work. Austin gets worried there was something he didn’t know about, thinking the plan was to backdoor Steve, and that maybe they were trying to backdoor Liz. He goes and tells Vanessa that somethings fishy, and she pretends to be shocked.

Austin and Liz are playing around in Bed. Liz tells us she likes Austin as a friend, but isn’t romantically attracted to him. Austin says once gain he is feeling feelings for her, and would take a relationship with her over the $500,00 prize. Austin surprise kisses Liz, putting Liz into an awkward position.

Vanessa, Clay, and Becky pick Shelli, John, and Liz to play in the Veto. As a result, Vanessa ponders telling Liz about the Austin plan before the comp, just to make sure she doesn’t use it if she wins. Shelli says if she does that she’ll either tell Austin or not trust them, and she should wait until after to tell her.

Clay wins the Power of Veto.

Becky gets upset at herself for not being able to win any competitions, and is worried about her chances.

Vanessa tells Liz about the plan to backdoor Austin, and how Jason told them that Austin revealed the twins. Liz says she knew he did that, and that it was just suppose to be insurance. Vanessa says that he tried to backstab Julia while telling Jason, and that he only is trying to get to Jury to have a romance with her. Liz says she doesn’t even like him, but they shouldn’t vote him out because he’s a number on their side.

Vanessa tells Austin about the plan to put him up. Austin says he was scared and made the wrong decision, but he would never go against Vanessa or the alliance. Vanessa says she promised people he would go up, and she can only change course if he convinces Shelli and Clay.

Austin kicks Steve out of the lounge room, and tells Shelli and Clay he was just scared about the possibility of losing Liz because he is in love, and that he is really mad at Jason. He says he’s a number for the two of them and wouldn’t turn on them, and they agree.

Liz, Jason, Vanessa, Clay, Austin, and Becky all get an Outback meal as a reward from the BOTB.

Vanessa says she is worried about being a target if they don’t go through with the plan, but Clay and Shelli are adamant they can’t vote out Austin. She says she just doesn’t have too many options if she can’t put up Austin. Clay recommends Jackie, but she says she can’t. They decide they can get away with Jason because he’s the biggest threat against them.

Clay uses the Power of Veto on himself. Vanessa nominates Jason in his place. Either Becky or Jason will be evicted.

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