Superman #42 Spoilers & Review: What’s Next For DC Comics After Lois Lane Learns Clark Kent’s Secret Identity? How Did Superman Lose Powers?

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Following yesterday’s reveal of how Lois Lane learned that Superman’s secret identity is Clark Kent, Superman #42 continues with their post reveal exchange.

Superman #42 Spoilers Lois Lane Preview 1

Spoilers and review follow for DC Comics’ Superman #42.

I’ll include the “reveal” that was released yesterday to provide context. The following panel is Lois Lane and Superman / Clark Kent’s heart-to-heart.

Superman #42 Spoilers Lois Lane Preview 7
Superman #42 spoilers Lois Lane Clark Kent Secret Identity depowered 1

After this, Superman teams with Lois Lane and cohorts to infiltrate the sky city of Hordr. They are quickly discovered and go on the run and learn that this new villainous information broker has monitoring Superman / Clark Kent for some time (likely how he knew Superman, Lois Lane and team snuck onto the sky city).

Superman #42 spoilers Lois Lane Clark Kent Secret Identity depowered 6

As they’re caught, a battle ensues. Superman uses his new solar flare power and is drained as a result, but seems further drained by a strange silver being in Hordr’s control.

Superman #42 spoilers Lois Lane Clark Kent Secret Identity depowered 11 Superman #42 spoilers Lois Lane Clark Kent Secret Identity depowered 12

There you have it; the de-powered Superman. A betrayal is teased for Superman #43.

I didn’t pick up Superman #41, but can say Superman #42 was fairly easy to follow plot-wise, had great art (I’m a fan of JRJR), but seemed a bit wordy dialogue-wise at times. Plus the villain’s name “Hordr” is a bit on the nose for an information hoarder villain.

An intriguing read; I read 1991’s Action Comics #662 and Superman #53 back in the day so am always curious how DC Comics handles Superman’s secret identity reveal to Lois Lane. The way it was done in 2015′ Superman #42 has me thinking when this arc is done, and the story may span more than one arc, Superman’s secret identity will be secret again or debunked somehow; insert Martian Manhunter’s shape shifting or the world forgetting or something else. However, I’m intrigued about the journey that Clark Kent / Superman is on.

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