Big Brother 17 Episode 18 Recap & Spoilers 08.02.2015


Big Brother 17 Episode 18 just wrapped up! Here’s a recap of everything that went down, and what we think you should expect to come:

WARNING: Spoilers below (duh).

The episode started off with this week HOH competition. After an hour, the only remaining houseguests sill in the competition are Shelli, James, and John. Shelli makes a deal with James for immunity for herself, Clay, and John this week, to which he agrees. Shelli and Clay drop, making James this weeks HOH.

Shelli says James would be stupid to turn on their deal, as he made it in-front of the entire house, but as we learned in BB10 with Dan and Ollie, James isn’t the stupid one in this scenario.

Meg, Jackie, and James celebrate in the bathroom, and are rather puzzled by how Shelli fell off so easily.

Vanessa and Austin discuss James HOH. Vanessa says she’s worried she will be the target as she sent home both Jeff and Jason.

Liz and Julia discuss Austin. Julia complains about Austin throwing her under the bus, to which Liz tells her it’s a lie. Austin enters, and Julia asks him point-blank, and also adds that he is shady. Liz sticks up for Austin, and says that Jason twisted his words, and that he was just trying to make all of them safe.

Shelli vents to Vanessa, and tells her she just had to cut the line somewhere when making the deal with James. Vanessa doesn’t feel she’s important to them. Clay enters while Vanessa exits, and he tells Shelli they need to convince James that Austin and the twins should be the targets.

Some filler about Clay mumbling and James scaring Steve.

Meg, Jackie, James, and Becky are all in the HOH room and decide to target Shelli, as she lied to them last week about knowing Jason was going up.

Becky immediately goes and spills the beans to Clay and Shelli, and tells them they need to act normal, but convince James to do something otherwise.

Vanessa and James have a conversation. Vanessa tells him the Jason thing was a house decision and she was just the messenger. James says he may put up Shelli and Clay, and Vanessa decides to go along with it. She tells him that if he keeps her safe, she’ll give him and the person of his choice immunity for the next four weeks.

Shelli and Clay talk to James. Clay says he thinks they are being blamed for the Jason backdoor. Shelli tells James that Austin figured out he was being nominated and went and campaigned for Jason to go up, but James thinks they are lying and won’t admit their mistakes.

James tells Meg he’s gonna piss them off no matter what and he might as well put Clay and Shelli up during nominations.

James nominates Clay and Shelli for eviction.

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