Douces Wild: WWE Summerslam 2015 PPV Scenarios Pt. 1: Seth Rollins vs John Cena “Winner Take All”


With us a mere few weeks away from the second biggest (and second longest) PPV of the year, it’s time to really dig deep and find out some potential scenarios and the ramifications of the matches at Summerslam. I’m only sticking with the two big guns here: Cena/Rollins & Brock/Taker. Through just peer thinking, I’ve been able to come up with several possibilities and scenarios that could happen at Summerslam and in the weeks following Summerslam to set up potential feuds. I will rank the scenarios, choosing the one most likely to be done and at the end, I will make my predictions for these two matches, notch them together, and pick the ones I most believe will be happening. Since Brock/Taker is the main event, I’m starting with Cena/Rollins first and honestly, there are tons of scenarios for where this match could go at end (a lot more than Brock/Taker) and especially after tonight’s RAW so let’s dive right in.

Here’s what we know:

  • Both the WWE & US belts are on the line
  • Due to a report, the US Title will be vacated by the winner the next night on RAW.
  • Sheamus is Mr. MITB.
  • Reports suggest a potential Triple H/Rollins feud in the works with Rollins potentially turning babyface.
  • Cena has broken nose.
  • Cena beat Rollins on RAW two weeks ago.


Scenario #1: Seth Rollins retains the WWE Title; becomes the New US champ; vacates US Title

            Now… we saw two weeks ago……..Seth Rollins tapped out to John Cena on RAW in a US Title match but during the match, Cena’s nose was broken so I expect that to play a heavy factor in the match (probably Rollins working over the injured body part and the Pedigree does affect the nose…….as did the Curb Stomp but whatever). With that said, how could you job out the WWE champion, on RAW, in a nothing match to the man he’s facing at the PPV? We know that, in the past, that when the champion loses a non-title match or something like this……chances are…..they’re retaining or if it’s a heel losing to the babyface, same thing. However, the question becomes will the WWE stick to that tradition this time around? We’ve all the inklings of Rollins’ run as champion being a bust so a big win over Cena would surely stop the controversy with Rollins and prove that he is a champion to be taken seriously……meaning that whoever beats him, it will be a big moment. This is a make it or break it match for Rollins……he needs to bring his A-game to this one and they need to drop the chickenshit heel character for this match. Rollins needs to appear confident even though we know there might not be a chance in hell he’s retaining. With this scenario, I believe Rollins will go after the injured nose in a dastardly move and that will allow him to beat Cena…….it’s not exactly clean because, like a great heel, Rollins exploited an injury and got the win off of that so Cena can still remain strong in defeat. As for the US Title, have Rollins vacate the belt and do a tournament for it or set up a match for the belt (maybe Owens/Cesaro in a rematch) and then this also leaves open a potential Cena/Rollins rematch at the next show. I don’t like the idea of either man vacating the US Title but if I’d rather Rollins do it than Cena, especially since Rollins had never had interest in the belt and Cena’s been fighting tooth and nail to retain it this whole time.

Scenario #2: Seth Rollins retains WWE Title thanks to Authority (presumably Kane); becomes US champ; hands belt to Kane on RAW

This one continues the Rollins/Kane relationship that had been building and a way for Rollins to win back Kane’s appreciation after leaving him to get his ass kicked by Lesnar. Plus, Kane costing Cena the match leaves him strong and, once again, leaves open the possibility of a rematch. Now…….obviously……..the US belt would be handed to KANE of all people, which is a step down, but in a storyline like this…….it’s a necessary evil and Kane doesn’t have to be the champion long (for the record…….this match isn’t doing many favors for the US belt anyway). Or maybe Mercury and Noble come back and Rollins gives the belt to them and they become co-champions or something. Now, this would mean that Kane won’t get revenge on Brock Lesnar and just remains with the Authority so it is also a longshot in a sense but we shall see.

Scenario #3: John Cena wins WWE Title; retains US Title; vacates US Title

Now…….after spending almost the entire year in trying to legitimize the belt, Cena vacating the title is pretty freakin’ stupid because that undoes everything he had done with the title and it allows the WWE to take the belt off of Cena without him losing it (therefore putting someone over). I believe their line of thinking is that because JOHN CENA was the US champion, it’s elevated…….but Cena giving up the belt only for it to be contested in a nothing tournament or a nothing match doesn’t do much for it anyway……it’s just back to where it was before. He could have made a true star if he had lost the belt to somebody (AKA KEVIN OWENS) but I believe the WWE is at the point where they don’t want Cena dropping matches like that. Plus, this scenario has three things on its side as well. The first is that it shows that someone, ANYONE, in WWE is watching ROH (or following the Internet) because they just ran the same storyline for the ROH World & TV Title (only the face/heel roles were reversed) and had the TV champ capture both belts. Secondly, Cena’s broken nose. I can just hear the biased commentary now of Cena overcoming the broken nose to become the 16-time WWE champion and how tough he was and how much of a bitch Rollins was. I think the WWE would try the underdog story with Cena (even though he’s not the underdog but whatever) and have Cena overcome the odds to win the title. Thirdly……and this is the big one…..RATINGS!! We’re entering football season this week, people, with the preseason and the season is starting very soon. Ratings are down right now and could only get worse once we are in the troughs of football season……the WWE feels that John Cena is their top ratings draw and with the belt on him, the ratings will get bumped up slightly and will remain stable. That’s not too much of a fact but it’s the WWE’s logic at this point (at best, I believe it’s just an initial one week bump and then after that, we’re back to where we are now because Cena hasn’t proven he’s been good enough to carry RAW during football season in the past few years). Plus, this allows maybe the house show business to get slightly better and it also capitalizes on the Trainwreck publicity that Cena received. I think the WWE is willing to risk the prestige of the US Title just to put the WWE Title back on their supposed cash cow. On the flip side, Cena winning doesn’t create a bunch of upcoming matches for the future outside of maybe one with Sheamus……so you don’t have a readymade feud waiting for Cena if he wins, which is the only downside to this scenario. Plus, this also leaves open a possibility of Rollins turning face as well, even though he would look like a weak babyface right out of the gate.

Scenario #4: DQ or count out finish; both men retain titles

A longshot but it does set up a rematch at the next PPV and it does show that the WWE is willing to keep running with Rollins for at least one more month. This could also mean that the leaked news report was just there to add extra intrigue and could prove to be a red herring. So that means we could get a rematch at the next PPV or maybe Cena loses the US Title on RAW or something to set up a fair WWE Title match or something. Not much here though because I don’t think this is a route the WWE is really likely to take but it should be mentioned.

Scenario #5: Seth Rollins wins; Sheamus cashes in MITB; Sheamus becomes WWE champ

Now…….we just got this teased on RAW but this one is a longshot as well just on this cut and dry scenario……let’s mix things up a bit.

Scenario #6: Seth Rollins wins; Sheamus cashes in; Sheamus new WWE champ; Sheamus becomes new Authority crown jewel; Rollins turns face; Cena retains US Title

I think the idea of Sheamus cashing in on Rollins and aligning with the Authority is the way to go if Sheamus cashes in on Rollins. It sets up Rollins as a babyface, Sheamus takes his spot in the Authority (sort of like “Well, you weren’t getting the job done the way we wanted……..Sheamus can……you were replaced!”), it sets up Sheamus/Rollins for the next PPV (a fresh matchup actually) and the potential Rollins/Triple H feud. Plus, you could even have Cena face Sheamus after Rollins does and set up a match between Cena and Sheamus for Survivor Series or something and by then, he could have dropped the US Title or something. This one opens up numerous possibilities so it’s one that could rank pretty high on the list.

Scenario #7: John Cena wins; Sheamus cashes in; Sheamus new WWE champion; Cena retains US Title

Now…….if I had to choose which one the HEEL Sheamus was cashing in on, it would be Cena in a forced attempt of generating sympathy for Cena (because if there’s anybody on the roster who is just SCREAMING for sympathy, it’s Cena). The heel almost always cashes in on the babyface, making this the more likely scenario and I think the WWE would pull a Sheamus cash in on Cena moreso than one on Rollins. This would mean we have a Sheamus/Cena feud (OH…….GOOD……GOD……NOT THOSE TWO FEUDING!!!), Cena still keeps the US Title and this also opens up a Rollins face turn the next night with the Authority turning on him, meaning Rollins will also have something to do instead of just going nowhere. I don’t know if a Sheamus/Cena feud is what’s going to bring the ratings up but, unlike Scenario #3, this gives Cena and Sheamus a set feud for the future instead of just wondering who the fuck these guys will be facing until Sheamus cashes in or whatever.

Scenario #8: Sheamus cashes in; Match becomes Triple Threat; Sheamus wins WWE & US Title

Basically, it’s Sheamus pulling Rollins’ trick on him and becoming WWE champion and I believe it would be Rollins eating the pin with Cena just unable to make the save. This would set up the exact same scenarios for Scenario #7 only now, Sheamus has the US Title (or, you could do, if Sheamus pins Rollins, he’s WWE champ but Cena retains US Title or whatever) so that means the belt will be vacated again. However, if Rollins were to turn babyface off of this……it would suck. Rollins just got beat by his own underhanded tactic and Sheamus doesn’t look smart in this……he’s just doing what Rollins did earlier but Rollins did it with style. Plus, a heel Sheamus and a heel Rollins will not be feuding for the WWE Title…..that’s just not happening. I don’t see Sheamus trying this trick and failing……although it would allow Rollins to retain without Cena losing (because that’s what’s important) and it sets up a Cena/Sheamus feud or something. I don’t see Sheamus trying this and Cena winning because it makes both Rollins and Sheamus look weak because Cena won’t pin Sheamus in this one……he’ll pin Rollins. But if the WWE wanted to make Cena look EVEN MORE SUPER STRONG, they would have this happen.

Scenario #9: John Cena wins; Triple H costs Rollins the title to set up babyface turn for Rollins

Once again, another outside shot here because I’m not sure that the WWE wants Cena to win the WWE Title like this but it does set forward the Rollins babyface turn and gives him a strong reason to turn babyface so there is that.

And finally………

Scenario #10: John Cena wins; Authority costs Rollins WWE Title; JOHN CENA TURNS HEEL AND JOINS THE AUTHORITY

Please…….please…….hold your giggles, hold your laughter and let me talk. The WWE is in a funk right now due to ratings. They rarely take any chances these days outside of ending the Streak. Wouldn’t the one thing that would get fans talking and wanting to tune in is to see John Cena, THE JOHN CENA, an Authority member??? The Crown Jewel of the Authority? The biggest star in the company is now the biggest (on-screen) “company man” in the WWE?? Need proof? IT WORKED FOR HOG…….I mean……Lord Voldemort Version 2.0. But that moment was the biggest breath of fresh air ever, it turned ratings around and wrestling got interesting again with that turn being the catalyst for change. A Cena heel turn could be just that. Now sure, you could potentially lose some viewers but the very reason as to why the WWE is the goliath corporation that it is today is due to taking risks…….this is (now) the biggest risk to take. As far as it occurring in the middle of the show…….remember…….the Undertaker’s Wrestlemania Streak ended in the middle of WM 30, with the feel good moment of Daniel Bryan winning to balance it out (which means that if this scenario plays out, Taker’s a guaranteed winner). This could be the kick in the ass the company needs, it opens up some new possibilities, it allows Cena to grow as a character, it allows Rollins to turn babyface and potentially feud with Triple H and you have the ability to make some new stars now that Cena’s heel. If they really wanted to shake up the company……..this would probably be the decision to make and……plus…….football season is coming up but wouldn’t you pull in the 18-34 demographic a little bit more if John Cena turned heel and became interesting again? This also allows kids to focus on new stars so there is a ton of potential with this scenario.


Now, with that done, it’s time to rank the scenarios and pick which one is the one I most likely think will happen:

#10.  Scenario #4 (DQ or Count-Out): The least likeliest to happen because I don’t think the WWE is going to put as much build into this match to let it end on a DQ or a Count-Out. They want a pinfall or submission to end this one and I don’t think they are going to use Summerslam to build to a rematch at the next PPV (which isn’t Summerslam) so this one is the least likeliest to occur. If this was at, say Battleground, this would be higher up the list but at Summerslam, that’s not happening.

#9. Scenario #9 (Triple H costs Rollins title; Cena remains babyface): This one is very low because I don’t see it happening. I don’t see Cena taking the cheap win like that (unless it happens behind his back or something) and I don’t think the WWE want Cena to win his 16th title like that. They would want him to win it somewhat clean so this one is very much a longshot because you still have other ways to turn Rollins babyface to feud with Triple H.

#8. Scenario #10 (John Cena turns heel): Because it’s just not happening and we can’t have nice things in this world. Is this one of the juicer scenarios on this list? YOU DAMN RIGHT IT IS!!! Does that make it possible that it’s going to happen? Sadly no. While Taker’s Streak ended in the middle of the show, I don’t think that something as huge as Cena turning heel is happening in the middle of the show and for obvious reasons: it would overtake Brock/Taker, the real money match of the show. This turn would affect that negatively (regardless if Taker wins) and I don’t think this one is strong enough (like Bryan’s WWE Title win) to stand on its own after the heel turn. If Cena ever turns heel, it’s happening in the main event because the WWE would want to end on that shot of Cena succumbing to the dark side because it is the money shot. So, yes, would it be great to see and a potential ratings boost? Yes. Is it happening? Probably not.

  1. Scenario #5 (Sheamus cashes in on Rollins; no joining of the Authority): Big time longshot here (maybe more than Cena turning heel but this one is more possible I believe) because I don’t see Sheamus cashing in on Rollins, even if it is there to protect Cena. There would have to be a motivation for it and if Sheamus isn’t joining the Authority, what would be the point?

#6. Scenario #2 (Kane helps Rollins; Rollins hands Kane US Title): Basically, if Kane interferes, it won’t be in this match. They’ve been teasing turning Kane babyface for months and the catalyst should be the Lesnar attack. I think they have plans to have Kane interfere in the Lesnar match and leave the Authority to potentially have one last run with his brother before one or both retire…….making this scenario null and void.

#5. Scenario #8 (Triple Threat): We just saw this at Mania and I don’t think they are going to repeat themselves twice in the same year. While Sheamus is the type of guy who would make it a triple threat, I just don’t see it happening……it would either be to screw Rollins or screw Cena, placing him in the match already robs the cash-in somewhat and I just don’t think it fits with this match.

#4. Scenario #1 (Rollins wins): I buy a Sheamus cash-in scenario moreso than Rollins beating Cena clean or in any fashion. I think the bloom has sadly fallen off the rose with Rollins and the ratings are a cop out way for them to give up on him. Now, I do not, in any way, shape or form, blame Rollins one bit for the low ratings (only morons and suckups would). He hasn’t been given anything meaty to work with, his feuds are one dimensional, his feuds are repetitive, he’s been stuck in this Kane business for months, he’s a little bitch, his opponents are stale, the writing has been horrible, the booking has been horrible and he looks weak 95% of the time. Rollins’ title run is fine but it reminds me a lot of Edge’s title runs: he won the title a lot but none of his title runs were all that memorable since they sort of just blended into one another because they were so similar. Longevity as a champion means nothing, the booking and appearance of a strong champion matter and that’s where they’ve failed with Rollins. Now……on the plus side…….Rollins DID main event every single PPV as champion so at least he got something that CM Punk rarely got during his mammoth title run so his matches were at least treated like main event feuds, which is a step in the right direction. However, Rollins could not recover from all of this dreck and it’s going to cost him the title……I just hope this isn’t a demotion and I hope he stays in that upper card region after this.

#3. Scenario #6 (Sheamus cashes in; joins Authority; Rollins turns babyface): Spoiler……these next three involve Rollins losing. However, this one allows the WWE to keep Rollins strong and set up his babyface turn against the Authority. By having Rollins beat Cena, you can also have Rollins earn a bit of respect from Cena and maybe that starts the babyface turn……making the cash-in all the more hated. Plus, this continues the pattern. In 2011, Punk defeated Cena to become WWE champion only for Alberto Del Rio to cash in……in 2013, Daniel Bryan defeated Cena only for Randy Orton to cash in……this scenario continues that pattern. Two things wrong here: what happens with the US Title around Rollins’ (now) waist and is the WWE going to let Rollins get that big victory over Cena? That US Title is a big albatross on this match almost because a lot of these scenarios pretty much forget about it but that’s the WWE’s fault to be honest. Secondly, I just don’t know if they are willing to give Rollins, a clear heel, that victory over Cena……I just don’t know. This sets up a lot of possibilities but they only revolve around Rollins and Sheamus heading into the next show……so where does that leave Cena? Again, football season, people, and you need Cena involved in something.

#2. Scenario #7 (Cena wins; Sheamus cashes in): If Sheamus is cashing in, it’s going to be on Cena. I don’t think they are sticking with the pattern at all because I just don’t think they are giving Rollins that victory. Plus, the WWE could REALLY sell us on the drama of Cena’s 16th Title win being ruined by Sheamus and I don’t think Sheamus cashing in would overshadow the main event one bit. Plus, it sets up Cena/Sheamus for the upcoming future and it allows the Rollins babyface turn to occur as well. However, the question remains about the US Title since Cena will still technically be the champion……meaning he could continue with that after his feud with Sheamus and finally drop the belt to someone so that leaves that open as well. I think if they are going with the cash-in, this is the likely scenario because it just feels like something the WWE would do: it keeps the US belt on Cena without him losing it, it sets up the potential Rollins babyface turn (he lost the title and failed so that is potentially grounds for being fired), it sets up Cena/Sheamus for the future and so on……out of all of these scenarios, this is the one I would most likely choose considering that I want Cena to look strong, Sheamus look strong and Rollins…..well…….he tried. But with the MITB contract in play, this is the one I see happening the most and one I would probably go with.

However…….that leaves us with the most likeliest of scenarios to happen.

#1. Scenario #3 (CENA WINS LOL): The cash-in is too predictable at this point. Plus, I don’t think Sheamus going in as WWE champion is what the WWE wants at this current point in time because you need a ratings boost. I don’t think Sheamus winning provides that……it provides groans moreso than ratings. No one gives a shit about Sheamus to care about him (which is why WWE was stupid to give him the MITB briefcase) and I think, with flailing ratings, putting the belt on Sheamus is definitely not the move I see the WWE making (even if it does make sense). And I think they have just had enough of the falling ratings under Rollins’ watch (not his fault but still) and while he did tap clean on RAW……I can see him losing again here because the broken nose puts a new wrinkle in the storyline……which is a positive for Cena and the WWE and, the other big thing, that US Title belt just makes a Rollins’ victory even more of a longshot than it already was. At the end of the day, I think Cena gets #16 here uninterrupted. The WWE believes that it is Cena moreso than Sheamus and Rollins that is going to provide the ratings boost. After a run with Brock (who spent most of the time as a heel) and a run with Rollins (also a heel), the WWE is going to want to put the belt on the babyface Cena here to maybe round things out, just because that’s their line of thinking. Sheamus is still a future challenger, you could still do the Rollins babyface turn and Cena still vacates the US Title the next night or do a rematch at the next PPV, do the cash-in there and set up Cena/Sheamus and the Rollins babyface turn for the PPV after that. The WWE is not one to rock the boat in this day and age and I don’t think they are going to be gambling at Summerslam. I think they are going with the safest routes possible to make sure that they’ll have fans tuning in and I believe that with Cena as champion and Taker working some dates will help things out. Plus, with football season coming, they believe Cena gives them the best chance possible and I do not think that they are just going to let Cena reach #16 to tie Ric Flair then have him lose the title mere seconds later. I think it is something that is going to be a big mid-show celebration and one that the WWE will be happy to see… they still have the whole “overcoming adversity/injury” shit ready to go afterwards to prove that John Cena is the greatest WWE superstar of all-time since the other guy is no longer affiliated with the company. I hate choosing this one, I really do, but this is the pick that is the most logical choice given the WWE’s nature.

So that means my prediction is as follows:

Winner Takes All match for the WWE & US Title: Seth Rollins (WWE champion) vs John Cena (US champion

Winner and NEW WWE champion: John Cena


Now, this opens up the discussion of what will happen with the US Title but that is for another day. Also, if there is any change in the matchup or the booking one bit, I will come back and make changes if necessary. I don’t see them adding anybody to the match nor do I see any major changes in the booking so I’m ok with this one staying the way it is. I will be back next week to set up Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar!


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