Recap of HHH’s Conference Call for NXT Takeover Brooklyn

One of fun things to look forward to with all the NXT Takeover shows has become the conference call with HHH days prior to said events. This event in Brooklyn this Saturday at the Barclay Center is no exception. Here are some highlights of the call:

– HHH was originally against the idea of having NXT Brooklyn at Barclay Center, was looking at smaller venues in the area simply to compliment Summerslam this year.
– Only 6,000 seats were originally available when tickets went on sale but due to overwhelming demand, the entire arena was opened for the event.
– HHH goes through the main card: Jushin “Thunder” Liger vs Tyler Breeze (whom HHH referred to as NXT’s constant and part of the brand’s foundation), Samoa Joe vs Baron Corbin, the “duel main event” Sasha Banks vs Bayley for the NXT Women’s Championship, and then Kevin Owens vs Finn Balor in a ladder match for the NXT Championship.
– HHH clarified some confusion over the full card that was released a few days ago. The entire card isn’t for the live 2 hour special on the 22nd, the earlier card will be shown the following week on a special hour and a half episode of NXT. It sounds like the Takeover Brooklyn show will go live with the Apollo Crews debut match while all matches listed before Crews will go on the episode the following week, if any of that makes sense.
– On September 28th, there will be a Performance Center Fan Access event that will allow 40 fans to experience all there is to the PC and will include Q&A with NXT roster members as well as autograph sessions. Tickets will go on sale Monday, August 24th at Noon EST.

Q&A Portion

Will NXT have more conjoining Takeover shows with major WWE PPVs or stick to a loose “every 3 months schedule?”
HHH seems hesitant to say yes or no but did say that it was open and they’re trying different things to find out what works for NXT’s brand because HHH is firm on NXT keeping it’s own identity separate from Raw or Smackdown

Question about HHH’s plan of succession with so much NXt talent moving onto main roster:
Basically, HHH explains that a constant revolving door of talent moving up will, systematically, keep NXT fresh and force them to create new and exciting characters on a constant basis.

On the Divas Revolution:
HHH feels like a proud dad whenever a former NXT talent move up and has success. Doesn’t want to take all credit for the shift in women’s wrestling and said “that’s on them” referring to the Divas involved in the revolution. Charlotte and Sasha Banks have a mindset fixed on main eventing Wrestlemania and has full confidence they could make it happen.

On RoH being competition:
No other wrestling company is being targeted and WWE isn’t looking to put anybody out of business. Having other companies, especially if said companies hold events around the same locations and weekends is both good for those companies and good for the business as a whole.

Scouting talent in Canada:
Uses the same recruiting team for talent around the world, a major contributor to that being William Regal. Said Canada produces great talent due to rich tradition, talent gets more indie opportunities plus good trainers like Lance Storm.

Company reaction to NXT selling out Barclay Center:
Company expectation is that NXT will do well but yet still gets blown away from the sheer mass of success that actually happens. Looking into taking NXT international, specifically pointing at the UK. Said NXT benefits greatly from the company willing to embrace the brand.

On recent call-ups still working both NXT and main roster shows:
None of it is by design, just trying to stay fluid with the business. Also talked about how he enjoys bringing main roster talent back down to NXT to give them time to do things they aren’t allotted to do on main shows, build them up and send them back up rejuvenated. Points to Tyson Kidd and Cesaro as examples of that.

Early impressions of Apollo Crews (Uhaa Nation):
Crews is obviously impressive and HHH had his eye on his for a while and jumped at the chance to pick him up. HHH is excited for NXT debuts coming in the future.

And if you want to listen to the call in it’s entirety, click on the video below.

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