A Penny For Your Thoughts: Former WWE Star Adam “Edge” Copeland’s Post-Haven Future

Haven, the SyFy original series based on a Stephen King short story called “Whatever Happened to the Colorado Kid”, is finishing it’s run with the second half of it’s extended final season this fall. Copeland joined the series in an initially minor role as Dwight, the secret “fixer” for the deceased former sheriff, cleaning up the messes made by Troubled people and covering them up to keep nosy outsiders away. Once he was forced to retire from WWE, the role, which was popular with the show’s fans, was expanded to full main cast, to the point of the character becoming Haven’s sheriff and Adam himself being part of Comicon panels with the show’s main 3 stars.

So where is Adam going when Haven bids us all adieu?


Why to the DC-CW-U of course, to play Albert “Atom Smasher” Rothstein on “The Flash”.

Rothstein, who also went by the alias Nuklon at one time, is a DCU superhero known for his size-changing abilities and for being a longtime recurring member of the Justice Society of America. With Hawkgirl having already briefly appeared in the season 1 finale and scheduled to appear again before Legends of Tomorrow premieres in January, and Jay “The Original Flash” Garrick also confirmed to appear on the Flash this season, it’s possible and even most likely that Copeland’s take on Rothstein might be connected to both characters, or even possibly a JSA storyline.

Here’s wishing Adam luck in his upcoming role, as guest heroes have the potential to become recurring characters on the CW DC shows if they go over well with the audience.

I can only hope the CW bills him as just Adam Copeland. SyFy still insists on listing him as “WWE Superstar Adam “Edge” Copeland” in Haven’s opening credits.

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