10 Thoughts On… WWE Monday Night Raw 09.07.2015 (Cesaro vs. Miz, Ryback, Paige vs. Sasha, Sting)


I skipped through the opening promo, but I must admit to being slightly amused by Seth’s supposed obsession with his crappy statue.

1. Paige vs Sasha was one of the better Divas matches to feature on Raw recently, although I find the presence of the extended tag teams at ringside has the effect of distracting from the action in the ring.

2. Reigns and Ambrose vs the Ascension was pretty much a waste of time, and I’m not sure that beating jobbers is going to get Roman over with viewers.

3. Has Bray Wyatt slimmed down a bit or does he just look skinny in comparison with Braun Fatman?

4. Ryback vs Owens is an interesting prospect, although his match with Rollins wasn’t really anything to write home about. At the very least the Big Guy seems to be getting a bit better in the ring and seems less likely to injure his opponent than in previous years.

5. Hey, it’s Edge and Christian. You remember them, right? One is too injured to ever get back in the ring and the other is a former TNA champ… they’re still pretty funny though. And now it’s the Dudleys, for a full-on flashback and a fun new Get the Tables chant.

6. I haven’t cared about Rusev and Summer Rae so far, and I still don’t. Bummer about Lana getting injured in training though.

7. How many times do we have to sit through Orton vs Shamus? At least once more, it would seem. Wyatt beat down afterwards is already getting old.

8. Dudleys vs Los Matadores was essentially a squash, although the table finisher was amusing as ever. Is El Torito about to join the Dudley Boyz?

9. Cesaro vs Miz was the definition of wasted potential, with a Big Show ‘run in’ ruining any chance of an entertaining match. Oh, and his knockout sucker punch on a recovering Cesaro made him look like a massive pussy, not a badass.

10. The six-man tag was okay, with Big E doing a lot of the work for New Day and the PTP looking like hired help for Super Cena.

Overall an average episode of Raw, with a couple of decent matches and a whole lot of filler.

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