10 Thoughts on NXT – September 10th 2015 – Samoa Joe, Finn Balor, Lucha Dragons

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JT on NXT logo

1. Carmella is starting to get a bit better in the ring, and Peyton Royce showed some decent moves on her NXT debut. Not too sure about the outfit though…

2. I don’t mind that we get a highlights package for Enzo & Cass vs Fulton and Dawkins rather than the full match. To be honest I’m getting bored of the same old thing from Enzo and Cass, while Amateur Wrestling Team #27 have done little to distinguish themselves from the pack.

3. The team of The Drifter & Tucker Knight might as well be called Team Loser. Dash Wilder, despite the terrible name, shows potential, but he needs a better gimmick and maybe a different partner to get over.

4. Breeze & Bull vs Ciampa and Gargano started with an awesome slap from Ciampa and turned into the best Bull Dempsey match I’ve ever seen. While that’s not really saying much, Ciampa and Gargano were both impressive, and I hope they’re hanging around in NXT at the conclusion of the Dusty Classic.

5. Much as I don’t care for Tyler Breeze or Bull Dempsey, I think a feud between them would be good TV.

6. Both the Lucha Dragons and Dana Brooke could use some work on the mic, and it’s just confusing that the Total Diva isn’t actually on Total Divas.

7. With Emma and Peyton Royce, Billie K makes three Australian divas in NXT, which is pretty impressive when you consider that the best known Australian wrestlers are the Bushwhackers, and they’re from New Zealand.

8. Samoa Joe and Finn Balor are a potentially spectacular tag team, and I like the handshake show of respect before the match. Solid performance from the Lucha Dragons despite the outcome never really being in doubt.

9. Wednesday October 7th is the date for the next NXT takeover – mark your calendars now, wrestling fans!

10. Overall an excellent episode of NXT, with the Dusty Classic turning out some of the best matches in months.

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