Big Brother 17 Episode 40 Finale Recap & Spoilers 09.23.2015


The Big Brother 17 finale just wrapped up! Here’s a recap of everything that went down:

WARNING: Spoilers below (duh).

The episode started off following the start of Part 1 of the Final HOH. As Steve drops, Vanessa begins trying to convince Liz to fall, and promises her Final 2. Vanessa wins the first part of the Final HOH. Liz tells us she knows she has to win part 2, and Steve is confident in his chances for the second part.

Steve wins Part 2 of the final HOH. Steve says he has to beat Vanessa in the final part, because he knows Vanessa will win otherwise.

Jury, featuring Dr. Will, time. Austin is shocked Liz is working with Vanessa again, and admits that he’s bitter. Will says he’s being hypocritical because he wouldn’t have taken her, but Austin says he was going to fall on sword. They all say they’re all there because of Vanessa. Jackie is back and forth on how good Vanessa is, while Shelli says she’s been running the game, and impressed. James says she was there to play the game and respects her game. Meg says she just wins competitions, and claims she hasn’t been playing them. Becky said she was doing unnecessary moves, and Austin says she swore as a gay woman. James says Steve laid low, and made to the end. Shelli says that he threw any competition he didn’t need to win, and connected well. John calls Steve a rat, says he played a bad game. Julia agrees. Jackie says Liz and Julia had it harder than her and Jeff, and that she did a good job. John says Liz shouldn’t win the game, and that Austin carried her. Meg very pro Liz, while Becky also says she ran with Austin. Austin says if Steve evicts Vanessa, he’ll vote for him.

Steve wins the Final HOH.

Steve votes to evict Vanessa, making her the fourteenth person evicted from the Big Brother 17 house, and the ninth member of the jury.

Jury questions time. Steve tells John that he made his own decisions. Liz tells Becky that she did her own campaigning. James tells Steve he floated, and Steve tells him he’s incorrect, and was quietly setting the groundwork. Liz tells Julia her biggest game move was aligning with strong competitors. Steve said he was more than a vote, and helped hide the alliance, as well as being instrumental in getting Clay and Shelli out. Liz tells Austin she deserves to win because of the target on her coming in.

Final plea speech time. Liz tells the Jury she came in as a newbie, and that she loves the game now. Came in with a twin as a target, and she was a great competitor. Steve says the twins essentially had a 5 week pass, not a target, and had a family member on her side. Says that he had more HOH’s than Liz, and says that Liz played off his HOH’s, and he made his own moves.

Winner time. The votes are as follows:

  • Shelli votes for Steve to win Big Brother 17
  • Jackie votes for Steve to win Big Brother 17
  • Becky votes for Steve to win Big Brother 17
  • Meg votes for Steve to win Big Brother 17
  • James votes for Steve to win Big Brother 17
  • Julia votes for Liz to win Big Brother 17
  • Austin votes for Liz to win Big Brother 17
  • John votes for Steve to win Big Brother 17
  • Vanessa votes for Liz to win Big Brother 17

By a vote of 6-3: Steve is the winner of Big Brother 17!

James is America’s Favorite Player!

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