Blu-ray Review: The Big Bang Theory: Season 8

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I have to say, when The Big Bang Theory first came on the air, if you’d told me not only would it last 8 seasons, but be a stronger, funnier show than it was when it was in season 1, I would not have believed you. Eight years ago me didn’t see how a show about a bunch of nerds and the cute girl who lives across the hall could survive. But it has, and not only has it survived it has grown and become one the better sitcoms on TV today.

Season 8 is a big one for the guys. There are a lot of big life changes going on here. They deal with death, marriages and break ups. One of the interesting things about the way this show is written, is that the characters manage to grow and change while still remain mostly the same; that is very hard to do. One need look no further than Sheldon to see this. His relationship with Amy as pushed him in ways, emotionally that he never could have imagined. He does things this season that season 1 Sheldon would have scoffed at and called poppycock. Such is the writing of this show that that they can slowly change a character and still maintain in him what makes him a joy to watch, even if he can be very infuriating at times.

Along with big life changes, this season sees some pretty solid guest stars. Of Course Will Wheaton and Stephen Hawking, who have appeared in seasons past, but this season also bring us Billy Bob Thorton, in a very hilarious role, Nathan Fillion and the voice of Kevin Smith, as well as many others.

This biggest loss this season was the passing of Carol Ann Susi, the voice of Mrs. Wolowitz. The show dealt with this is a very sincere heartfelt way. There was one in-particular episode that struck a cord with me, as my Grandmother had just past, and I went through the exact same thing. The power at Howard’s house goes out and the food in the freezer starts to thaw. That’s when he realizes the last of the food his mother cooked was in there, and after it was gone he wouldn’t get to eat it ever again. For me this was probably the most real moment this show has ever had, and thusly made it my favorite episode this season.

If you’re a fan of The Big Bang Theory, you don’t need me to tell you how great the show is, you already know. However, if you’ve never seen the show, for whatever reason, and you read this and think, hey, maybe I should check this show out. Go back to season 1 and enjoy yourself one of the best comedies on TV today.

The show is presented in 1.78:1 and DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1. The show looks and sounds great.

You get some good stuff here: Shooting Stars: BBT on BBT (5 min.) The cast and crew talk about what it was like working with Billy Bob Thorton and we learn the reason he did the show was because his mom is such a huge fan. 2014 Comic-Con Panel (28 min.) This is a fun one. Garfunkle and Oates sing a song, It’s hosted by Craig Ferguson and Will Wheaton shows up. There are actually some pretty good questions here, which is rare for a panel. Constellation Prize (4 min.) Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, and Chuck Lorre get their stars on the Hollywood walk of fame. Here’s To You Carol Ann Susi (10 min.) A very heartfelt tribute to Carol Ann Susi. It’s A Quark… It’s An Atom… It’s the #BBTSuperfans! (12 min.) A little puff piece about the winners of some Super Fan contest. The winners got to go to a taping of the show and meet the cast. Looks like they had a great time. Gag Reel (7 min.) A typical gag reel. This one has some decent stuff in it.

As I said before, the show just keeps getting better and better as the characters grow and change. I don’t know how many years this show has left in it, but I hope they decide to shut it down before it gets bad and not after it gets tired. But for now, season 8 is great and you should pick it up if you haven’t yet.

Warner Bros. presents The Big Bang Theory: Season 8. Created by: Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady. Starring: Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Melissa Rauch, Mayim Bialik and Kevin Sussman. Running time: 478 min. on two discs. Rating: Not Rated. Released on Blu-Ray: September 15, 2015.

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