10 Thoughts On… WWE Monday Night Raw 10.05.2015 (Kevin Owens vs. Sin Cara, Paige vs. Natalya, Roman Reigns Promo)

1. Kicking off the show with Lesnar and Heyman is a good idea, although I’d like to see Brock move on from his feud with the Undertaker

2. RandyShield vs the Wyatts was pretty much what we’ve seen from them a hundred times before, which isn’t to say that it wasn’t fun at times. Harper, Ambrose and Reigns all worked hard, while Randy and Bray were sort of just there and Braun Strowman sucked maybe 1% less

3. Don’t give Roman Reigns a microphone. Even for just a few words. Just keep him as an angry pretty boy and everyone will be happy, right?

4. Shamus vs Neville is funny in that half of the crowd probably can’t understand either of them, but less amusing when it turns into a bullshit squash match featuring Shamus.

5. Natalya vs Paige showcased the skills of two of the best female wrestlers (as opposed to Divas) in the WWE. It was also nice to see a clean finish unsullied by trios run-ins for once.

6. Owens vs Sin Cara was an entertaining clash of styles due largely to Kevin’s constant trash talk

7. Corporate Kane and Seth Rollins vs the Dudleys was good for a match featuring that many workers on the wrong side of 40, but it was only a matter of time before the demon emerged and choke slammed Rollins though a table. If I was in HR I would approve of that.

8. Team B.A.D vs a genuinely bad tag team in more Divas Trio nonsense. Sasha Banks is being wasted on Raw.

9. Even at 30x speed the Rusev/Lana segment went on too long

10. While the Cena vs Big E match wasn’t too bad, the U.S. Title open challenge would be more entertaining if they actually brought in someone surprising rather than just the same old faces. Give Apollo Crews a shot.


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