News On Nxt Morale, Contrast With Main Roster Morale

Morale in NXT is said to be through the roof. That should not be surprising as many in NXT have talked about how much fun they are having there. It goes so far that some have been said to not be that overjoyed when the call comes to transfer to the Main Roster. Finn Balor, for example,  has said publicly that he’s not in a rush to leave NXT.

Contrast this with the Main Roster. There is a big divide on the main roster between the higher paid and lower paid members of the roster. Lower level talent were getting $100,000 downsides. They were given raises to $125,000. That is likely because of the lack of pay-per-view bonus money because of the WWE Network. Some of the lower level talents have been complaining about having a hard time getting by because of their road expenses. As you probably all know already, many WWE wrestlers pay for their food, transportation, and hotel except for overseas shows and WrestleMania.

That does not go for the top wrestlers of course, they are well taken care off.