Extraordinary X-Men #1 Spoilers & Review: The Post Secret Wars 2015 & All-New All-Different Marvel Comics Status Quo For Inhumans & Mutants?

The world post Secret Wars 2015 in the All-New All-Different Marvel Comics era seems to be a dangerous place that is setting up a big confrontation between Marvel’s mutants and Inhumans.

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Spoilers and review follow for Extraordinary X-Men #1 under the All-New All-Different Marvel banner.

Storm is leader of the Extraordinary X-Men and seems to be buckling under the pressure a la the Sixth Sense film from back in the day…

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…she sees a dead person in Charles Xavier. Her silent confidante post Secret Wars 2015! Is Storm unwell?

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Later in the issue, readers learn through a mind meld with younger time-displaced Jen Greay and Storm, what the Marvel Comics post Secret Wars 2015 status quo is for Mutants and Inhumans.

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The Terrigan Mists that are triggering dormant genes and activiting Inhumans across the globe are killing / sterilizing mutants; “No More Mutants” in a new way.

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The book ends with on one hand a cool moment and also an expected one.

Cool moment: Classic Sentinel vs. Extraordinary X-Men.

Extraordinary X-Men #1 spoilers review 7

Expected moment: Here comes Old Man Logan.

Extraordinary X-Men #1 spoilers review 8

Will Middle Aged Logan / Wolverine come back soon?

And, it is also cool that young time-displaced Jean Grey will be on the same Extraordinary X-Men team as Old Man Logan since when they were closer in age in the past they had a sexual attraction to one another. That kind of relationship with a much younger Jean Grey and much, much older Wolverine won’t happen in these pages, but will likely evolve the relationship to a father-daughter type one.

Extraordinary X-Men #1 ends on an Old Man Logan cliffhanger while Extraordinary X-men #1 features young Jean Grey on the cover.

Extraordinary X-Men #1 spoilers review 9

Overall a fun issue by a solid creative team led by writer Jeff Lemire and penciller Humberto Ramos.

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