Triple H Reacts On Reigns Turning Him Down On RAW, Talks Seth Rollins Injury, WWE Title Tournament (Video)

Triple H is the guest on this week’s sit down interview with Michael Cole, here are some highlights:

-Cole opens by talking about it being a tough week in WWE with Seth Rollins’ injury and HHH says he talked to Seth, and Seth said he is devastated. HHH mentioned all of Rollins’ accomplishments as Champion and said as a result it had to have been very hard on Rollins to go down with an injury, but he added Rollins will train harder than he ever has before to return and reclaim what is his.

-On Triple H giving Roman Reigns the chance to be WWE World Champion on Raw and Reigns turning him down, HHH clarifies that Reigns still has the chance to be champion because he is in the tournament. HHH says he gave Reigns the opportunity to do what’s best for business, and all he guaranteed Reigns was an opportunity. HHH says Reigns chose to walk his own path and that’s his choice.

-Cole mentions that half the fans polled on said they would have taken HHH’s opportunity and HHH says of course they would. HHH says Reigns thinks it’s a morale conundrum to side with The Authority, who writes his paychecks, and Reigns’ attitude is sour grapes.

 -HHH says he doesn’t think Reigns understands what it is to be the Champion in WWE, otherwise he would have done anything to get the title. He mentions past Champions who were criticized for being willing to do anything to be Champion, and he thinks Reigns doesn’t understand that.

-HHH says he’s unsure who will win the Title Tournament, but he is very much sure who won’t walk out of Survivor Series as the new Champion.

You can watch the whole interview below:


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