Pull List Roundtable 11/25/2015 – Dark Knight III The Master Race #1, Secret Wars, Saga #31 & More (Spoilers)

John Babos

Wow. 10-11 books this week!


  • Adam.3 #4 – Scott Kolins Edgar Rice Burroughs toned sci-fi epic continues!
  • Aquaman #46 – The Cullen Bunn era is coming to an end and I’m displeased.
  • Batman and Robin Eternal #8 – More from DC’s celebration of Robin’s 75th birthday.
  • Dark Knight III The Master Race #1 – I’m torn about this one. I loved the first two and I love co-writer Brian Azzarello. I know I’ll be picking up the hardcover when it comes out, so should I even get the series monthly? I prefer a single read of DK. Decisions, decisions.
  • Deathstroke #12 – This is one of my fave monthly reads. DC actually found scenarios and threats where Slade is the underdog. That’s an achievement.
  • Ivar: Timewalker #11 – Sad to see this series end, but am loving team up with future Eternal Warrior and present day Armstrong. I love this time travel, paradox, zany stuff.
  • Flash #46 – More Zoom!
  • Omega Men #6 – Love this book and it’s got Kyle Rayner! At least it’ll get the mini-series treatment instead of cancellation. Great story great art.
  • Sinestro #17 – The best Green Lantern book on stands! Cullen Bunn rocks as writer of the “baddies”.
  • Superman: Lois and Clark #2 – I surprisingly liked issue #1. Will try out this follow-up issue.
  • Wonder Woman #46 – The march to #50 continues with some Olympian gods set to return.

Mike Maillaro

  • Black Magick #2 – Black Magick #1 was a book that ended in my Comixology account even though I had no intention of buying it. Must have been magick. This was an excellent comic, and I can’t wait to see where the series goes from here. Definitely worth checking out.
  • Ringside #1 – On top of being a comic geek, I am also a huge wrestling fan. Actually, while I type this, I am counting down the hours until tonight’s Pro Wrestling Syndicate show. I also loved the miniseries Swerve that came out last year about the wrestling industry. So, Ringside is definitely right in my wheelhouse.
  • Carnage #2 and All-New Wolverine #2 – These two books have just about nothing in common except that they are both Marvel titles that I wasn’t sure about, but both turned out to be awesome. Hopefully both series live up to the potential of their first issues.
  • Secret Wars – Two Secret Wars tie-ins coming out this week, Hail Hydra #4 and Silver Surfer #15. I think that leaves us with just Secret Wars 8, 9 and Ultimate End 5. For the most part, I have enjoyed the tie-ins, but Secret Wars seems like it was a mostly pointless crossover. Which is real depressing since it was well over 200 comics.
  • Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur #1 – I honestly have no idea what to expect out of this one, but so far, I have enjoyed pretty much every All-New Marvel book I have picked up, so I will give this one a fair shot.
  • Archie #4 and Jughead #2 – While I definitely prefer the core Archie book, the Jughead relaunch has been decent too. The second issue of Jughead features an extended “time travel” fantasy, which is a lot of fun. BUT, for me, Waid and Staples on Archie has been a perfect fit.
  • Silk #1 – Silk has some tough competition for best female headliner. You have Thor, Spider-Woman, Ms Marvel all in terrific series. And Spider-Gwen is typically good (though I don’t think it is quite great). But Silk often edges them out as my favorite. Once they got Silk away from Spider-Man, she’s become a real solid new character, and I hope they continue to build her up.
  • Darth Vader #13 – Vader Down was one incredibly bad ass comic. We rarely got to see just how powerful Vader was, and this crossover puts him back where he belongs: the baddest dude in the Star Wars universe. Really looking forward to the rest of this crossover.
  • Groo Friends And Foes #11 – I can’t believe this series is almost over. It’s been so great to have Groo come out on a regular basis this month. Argones and Evanier have hinted that there will be more Groo coming soon. I don’t know if a Groo monthly series would be viable, but I would be a customer!
  • We Are Robin #6 – Because of Robin War, I decided to get caught up on We Are Robin. I think it has some great characters, but it is VEEEERRRRYYYY slow to develop. I honestly don’t know if I would have any real interest in this series except that it’s crossing over with books I already read.
  • Will Eisner’s The Spirit #5 – I don’t know much about the Spirit, but I picked this series up on a whim, and it’s been terrific. Honestly, any Dynamite series I have tried in the last year or so has been great. They may not be as high profile as Image, but they are doing a great job helping make indy companies important parts of the conversation.

James Fulton

  • Darth Vader #13 – The first chapter of the Vader Down event was pretty much exactly what I’ve been looking for from Marvel’s Star Wars line. I have big hopes for the rest of this story.
  • Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 2 #1 – I don’t know why this series needed a reboot, but I’ve been enjoying Mark Millar’s look at super heroics in the 50s and 60s, as told from a very modern perspective.
  • Kaptara #5 – I have been looking forward to more of Chip Zdarsky and Kagan McLeod’s very weird fantasy series. This is a fun book.
  • Omega Men #6 – I’m pleased that this series got a reprieve, and that Tom King is giving us his full, twelve issue story, as was originally planned. I think this is the best book that DC is publishing right now.
  • Saga #31 – It’s always a good week when Saga returns from a hiatus. I’ve missed this book.

John Babos: More people should be reading Omega Men.

Paul Miranda

  • SELF STORAGE #2 (of 6)
    I’ve started to appreciate zombie lore a lot more these last few months. 451 Media shows no signs of slowing down.
    This will be my first exposure to Alterna Comics. I’m intrigued enough to read the various short stories. 15 tales by 36 creators at $15 is a real bar-goon!!
  • STRAITJACKET #2 (of 4)
    Amigo Comics had comic collectors frenetic (myself included!) with the sought after first issue that sold out immediately due to its limited print run. There are rumblings the same applies for the seconds serving. I gotta jump on this quick time!
  • NEW ZODIAX vol. 1 TP
    I missed out on the entire mini I saw each successive issue on the shelves but I wasn’t turned on enough to grab them. They are not orderable through Diamond. I could go the online route but nah! I prefer the hunt!! Astronaut Ink is Joe St. Pierre and vice-versa. This is his opus minor.
  • ADAM.3 #4 (of 5)
    Scott Kolins’ mono-creative epic is on its penultimate issue. He is the new Jack Kirby!!
  • BATMAN and ROBIN ETERNAL #8 (of 26)
  • BATMAN: ENDGAME Director’s Cut
    What goodies are in store of this extra-special edition? Sketches, scripts, and more!
  • DARK KNIGHT III: the MASTER RACE #1 (of 8)

OOOOOOHHHH BOY!!! Fan the flames of speculation!! This past week along the chatter has increased a thousandfold over creative credit. Mr. Frank Miller is firmly planting Brian Azzarello on the pedestal. This has the diehard fans in a tizzy and wondering how much input and clout the originator possesses. Either way, with the exclusive retail incentive covers, the mini-comics in each book and the 1/5000 Jim Lee sketch variant, there’s plenty to go on about!

  • FLASH #46
  • GRAYSON #14
  • SUPERMAN #46
  • SHADOW TIGER #3 (of 4)
  • TET #3 (of 4)
  • KAPTARA #5
  • CHEWBACCA #4 (of 5)
    “Vader Down, pt. 2” Who is bold/foolish enough to take on the Dark Lord of the Sith?? The Rebel forces, that’s who!! Luke is no longer afraid. The eventual encounter between father and son is imminent!!
  • GROOT #6
    More final issues of the Secret Wars tie-ins. The event is petering out. Actually, it’s painfully dragging. Aside from the upcoming remaining two issues from the maxi-series, ULTIMATE END should be the very last extra. It’s a good thing there’s the 8-month gap between SW and ANADM.
  • SILK {2nd Series} #1
    Thus concludes month two of All-New All-Different Marvel. The big red T-Rex has a new companion. Don’t worry, Moon Boy is in there too. Don’t be fooled by Cindy Moon’s supposed switch to the dark side. I’m not sold on Venom being a star-warrior even if the symbiote hails from another planet. 39 new titles and counting…

Phil Allen

  • American Vampire: Second Cycle #11 – The End of Second Cycle! Third Cycle coming next year!
  • Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 – This is it! The big one we’ve been waiting over 14 years for! Good luck to you variant cover collectors.
  • Groot #6 – I’ve finally started reading this series and it’s quickly becoming a favorite! Among all the serious, heavy-action deluge from many superhero books, it’s nice to have a light laugh once in awhile. We are Groot.
  • Hellboy & B.P.R.D. 1953: The Witch Tree, Rawhead & Bloody Bones – I’m really liking these new HB & BPRD series lately, I hope they continue!
  • Itty Bitty Hellboy: The Search for the Were-Jaguar #1 – I really enjoy these youthful alternate takes in comics lately, from Lil’ Gotham to AvX: Little Marvel to Itty Bitty Hellboy! And Baltazar & Franco are always good for a laugh.
  • Jupiter’s Circle Vol. 2 #1 – Upon initial reading, I found Jupiter’s Circle to be more enjoyable than the first original series, Jupiter’s Legacy. With the history of the characters in Legacy being the focus, Circle (vol. 1) had a more “Watchmen” like feel to it. That being said, I’m very excited for Vol. 2! I’m going to have go back and reread Legacy now…
  • Saga #31 – The return! Finally, after more than 4 months of waiting, it’s here!

Other issues I’m looking forward to (and series I’m currently catching up on!):

Archie #4, Batman: Arkham Knight – Robin Special #1, Darth Vader #13, Fight Club 2 #7, Justice League of America #5, Kaptara #5, Material #6, Outcast #13, Robin: Son of Batman #6, Rumble #9, The Fade Out #11, & The Fuse #16.

John Babos – I understand Witchblade #185 is also out this week. It’s the end of the original series as a new Witchblade bearer headlines Top Cow’s new Switch series. Not sure I’ll grab this, but I was there in the beginning and blown away by the series and later the companion Darkness series. End of an era.


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