Kevin Owens On Working To Provide For His Faamily, His Son

WWE Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens recently spoke with and below are some interview highlights:

On working for his family:

“I enjoy every second I get in the ring. But there’s a bigger picture now and a much bigger purpose to everything and it’s to take care of my kids and my wife and make sure they have a good future. Everything I do really is for my family. It’s not just a line. I leave Friday morning to go on the road to wrestle for WWE to make money so I can come back Wednesday morning and have money to provide for my family. Everything I have to do in-between is what I have to do to make that happen.”

On bringing his son Owen on the road with him:

“I took my son to a WWE show in Montreal,” Owens told “I wasn’t in contact with WWE or anything like that [at the time]. I was just an independent wrestler, and I took my family to the show because my son wanted to see John Cena.”

“I took him out for a whole week before school started. He was with me at every show. He was there all day backstage and everybody got to know him. It was really cool to see him develop relationships with people I work with and people I look up to. It was crazy and hectic, but that extra time with my family is invaluable.”