Metalhead Reviews Breaking Ground Season 1 Episode 6

We start this week’s Breaking Ground episode with the aftermath of the Cal Bishop’s firing. We are showed Cal being told by Canyon Ceman that this was a very competitive environment and that his frequent injuries where the main reason behind his release. Ceman told Bishop to walk out proud and Shatner reminds us all that at the end, some will not make it. Cal is shown being send off  by Matt Bloom and we get some reactions from others on the NXT roster, with Nia Jax being very emotional and Baron Corbin this was sad but they they couldn’t let such thing affect them.

We then start properly with this week’s episode and it’s road-trip time again as we will follow the NXT crew on their Nashville/Louisville trip. But before I get to that let me first go over the other storyline for this week, involving one of NXT’s latest international recruits, Lovepreet Singh. BG introduces Sing to us by saying he is a standout in the ancient Indian art of Kabaddi. In what? I actually googled that and got none the wiser, except for the fact it’s very popular in India and South Asia. From what WWE showed us it looked a bit like mud-wrestling, sumo style, but I gather that’s not it at all. Anyway, it’s an ancient art, Lovepreet is good at it and let’s go with that.

Canyon Ceman tells us NXT is always on the lookout for diversity in ethnicity, body type and athletic background while Lovepreet states that WWE is very popular in India and that he thinks he will fit well in this new environment. Later we see Lovepreet taking one of those promo classes and explaining how the language can be a barrier. We also saw Sami Zayn participating and briefing Lovepreet on the strong and weak points of his promo.

But the focal point of this episode was, as said, the NXT road-trip to Nashville and Louisville and we start with Carmella making breakfast for Big Cass. It is revealed Carmella and Cass have been living together for a year. It is also revealed that Cartmella apparently isn’t a good cook. Bayley joins the two and we are introduced to Bay-Mella.

Bay-Mella is a thing that started on twitter, because Carmella and Bayley are good friends, and grew from there to the point they now have an Army, complete with Bay-Mella T-shirts. Much is made about the relationship between those two as we see hem having fun on the road and connecting with their fans. Bayley also speaks about now being the most experienced female wrestler on NXT and how head-coach Matt Bloom starts tor rely on her. We see Bayley talking Alexi Bliss through an upcoming match against Eva Marie.

Given it’s a road-trip, we get clips of matches that happened at the Louisville Rock Festival and at Nashville (with some emphasis on Corbin vs Samoa Joe, which looked good from what we were shown). In between we Jason Jordan discuss various thing going from fake Jordan’s (for… Jordan) to the Paranormal (for Corbin). Jordan’s puts his new shoes over and we are told they are called “Catapults”. Hey, I thought Gable was the highflyer in their team (see what I did there? Catapults? Highflying? … Never mind).

Between all that we also follow part of the NXT crew visiting a “haunted mental hospital”. I’m not really into paranormal stuff myself so this kinda went over my head but there was still some amusing banter between Jordan and Corbin to keep me entertained.

Corbin: “If something come down I’m throwing you in the way of it.”

Jordan: “You can’t move that fast, I’ve seen you in the ring”.


Speaking of Corbin, aside from his passion for strange stuff like human brain specimens, we alsso learn that he considers himself to be one of the top guys in NXT. Matt Bloom quickly interject and points out one of Corbin glaring weaknesses, his blandness and inability to connect with the crowds. Which is something Corbin knowledges. And which is probably the main reason why we see Corbin so often on Breaking Ground, although I’m not sure how watching him get exited over strange doctors tools and human skulls will help his popularity.

The crew makes it to Nashville as we get treated to another series of clips of their matches. Jordan and Gable show awesomeness during a match against Enzo and Cass which earns them high praise from Matt Bloom. Carmella prepares for a match against Eva Marie while fighting a cold. The match gets underway and we see Eva Marie hit Carmella with a very stiff looking kick to the head. Referee stops the match, trainers rush in as Matt Bloom and Robbie Brookside show concern backstage.

End of episode.

Another good breaking ground episode, primarily because it’s just so much fun watching the NXT crew do their stuff, in the ring or backstage, and getting to know them. Carmella was the star of this episode and she did a good job at highlighting her personality, passion and friendship with Bayley, which made the closing segment of the show look all the more dramatic.

I’m not sure about Lovepreet Singh though. While he will also be featured in next week’s episode, it’s unclear as of now what is role will be in the future. The next NXT superstar or the next one to be “future-endeavored”? If I had to guess I would go for the second option.

See you guys next week for episode 7!





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