WWE Royal Rumble 2016 PPV: On-Going Live Coverage, Match Results, Pics, Video, In-Arena Results (Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose vs. Kevin Owens)

Hey everyone and welcome to Inside Pulse Wrestling’s live coverage of the 2016 Royal Rumble!

Matt Harrak is on hand live in the arena, and I’ll be handling the site coverage all night.

Will the Big Dog retain the title? Or is is someone else’s time?

Check out our two huge prediction features:
Rasslin Roundtable
Trashy Ring Attire Open

The Kick-off show begins with Renee Young introducing Corey Graves, Booker T, and… Jerry “The King” Lawler! Banished to the panel…

Watch the full kickoff show:

Lots of video packages to promote the matches of the event.

Winning Team is in the Royal Rumble
The Dudley Boys vs. The Ascension vs. Darren Young & Damien Sandow vs. Mark Henry & Jack Swagger

Long tag match where all the teams got some spots in. There was a commercial break during the match that promoted the current show lineup on WWE Network.

Finish saw the Dudleys hit 3D on the Ascension, but then Swagger pulls Bubba off of the cover and puts him ont he ankle lock from the floor. Mark Henry hits a prone Bubba with a big splash for the pin.
Winners: Mark Henry & Jack Swagger


They shake hands.

More panel discussion and video packages.

Backstage Rich Brennan is with the #SocialOutcasts. They shoo him away. Then Heath Slater hosts as they read tweets from fans and answer questions.


Videos, panel.

Renee Young closes with predictions from the prestigous panel:

Rumble predictions:
Booker T – Roman Reigns
Jerry Lawyer – Anything can happen in the WWE (cop out)
Corey Graves – Brock Lesnar

Here we go to the main show!

WWE Royal Rumble 2016
Live from Orlando FL
Announcers are Michael Cole, Byron Saxton and JBL
Report by Widro

Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon arrive in a limo. JoJo is there to greet them for an interview. They say Roman Reigns is making history by putting the World Title on the line in the Rumble match.

Opening Royal Rumble video package.

Last Man Standing
WWE Intercontinental Title
Dean Ambrose (c) vs. Kevin Owens

No lockups to start, they go right at it. Brawling all around the ring. Both men are hitting some stiff shots. Some kendo stick shots and one breaks. Owens uses the broken kendo stick:


Owens brings a bunch of chairs into the ring and sets some up in various positions. But Ambrose keeps escaping. Brawling continues in and around the ring. The finish sees Ambrose push Owens off the top rop and thru some tables on the floor

Owens is not able to answer the 10 count.
Winner and STILL IC Champion: Ambrose

Recaps of some of the highspots.

Cricket Wireless commercial!

WWE Tag Team Titles
The New Day (c) vs. The Usos (Jimmy & Jey)

New Day gets a huge reaction coming out. They do some mic work but the fans boo the moment of silence for Francesca. But just then, Xavier comes out from the back playing a new trombone – it’s Francesca 2!


The Usos came out and the match begins. Back and forth match goes about 10 minutes. Finish sees Big E catch an Uso off the top and hit the Big Ending.
Winners: New Day

WWE Action Figures promo.

Sting/Hall of Fame promo

Creepy Wyatt family promo backstage.

WWE United States Title
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. Kalisto

Del Rio controls much of the match and Kalisto gets bursts of offense. The story early is that Del Rio is going to take off Kalisto’s mask, which is a sign of disrespect. Del Rio hits the kick to the head and gets a nice reaction. Kalisto kicks out.

Cool move here:

Kalisto hits the Solena Del Sol and gets the cover but Del Rio grabs the bottom rope for the rope break. Del Rio rebounds, hits the double stomp but Kalisto kicks out. Match continues. Finish sees another Solena del Sol for the clean pin and the title change.
Winner and NEW US Champ: Kalisto


Backstage, Renee Young is with the panel – Corey Graves, Booker T and Jerry Lawler.

Paul Heyman and Stephanie McMahon are having a pow wow backstage. Basically Steph agreed to give Brock a raise if he took out Roman in the Rumble.

Becky/Charlotte video package.

WWE Divas Title
Charlotte (c) w/Ric Flair vs. Becky Lynch

They do a staredown to start:

Story of the match is Ric Flair interfering. At one point he kisses Becky on the floor. She punches him in the face for good measure. Back and forth with both getting offense.

Becky seems to have the match won. Ric Flair tosses his jacket onto Becky, who gets up out of her submission. This allows Charlotte to hit the spear
Winner: Charlotte

After the match, Sasha Banks’ NXT music hit (not Team B.A.D.) and she came out to a pretty big pop. Sasha tosses Becky and seems to be siding with Charlotte. However, Charlotte refused to give Sasha a shot at the title and went to leave, and Sasha attacked her to a big pop. Sasha left Charlotte laying with the Banks Statement for a bit, then got up and held up the title.

Video packages

2016 Royal Rumble
Roman Reigns is #1. He gets a pretty negative reaction. Cole acknowledged it but glazed over it. Rusev is #2. Roman goes through the middle rope, comes back in and eliminates Rusev.

#3 is AJ Styles!!! He gets a big pop. Roman and AJ goes toe to toe.

#4 is Tyler Breeze.


Styles and Roman work together to boot Breeze.

#5 is Curtis Axel

He is also eliminated by the combo of Styles and Roman who then go back to fighting each other. #6 is Chris Jericho Huge pop for Jericho too! Jericho and Styles have some cool moments.


#7 is Kane. Lets Go Styles chants. Ring is filling up a bit as #8 is Goldust. More chants for Styles.

#9 is Ryback and he gets a pretty negative reaction too. #10 is Kofi Kingston who gets a big pop. #11 is Titus. He goes after AJ and gets booed. Then he dumps Goldust.

#12 is R Truth. He goes under the ring, gets a huge ladder, and brings it into the ring. He climbs up but realizes its not a Money in the Bank match, and then Kane tips over the ladder.

Kofi dumped to the floor but lands on Big E’s shoulders and isn’t eliminated. #13 is Luke Harper.

During this entrance, Vince McMahon comes out with the League of Nations, and they pull Roman under the bottom rope and beat him down on the floor.


#14 is Stardust but the focus remains on the Reigns attack on the floor. #15 is the Big Show. Show dumps Titus and then Knockout Punch to Ryback and he’s dumped. A stretcher comes out for Roman but he’s not officially eliminated. Styles is on the back of Big Show.

#16 is Neville. #17 is Braun Strowman. And he comes in and dumps Kane. Face to Face between Strowman and Kane. They go toe to toe. Strowman eliminates Big Show.

#18 is Kevin Owens. He goes right for Styles which gets a HUGE reaction. Neville gets involved too, and Owens dumps Styles. On his way out, there is a huge AJ STYLES chant.


#19 is Dean Ambrose he goes right for Owens. #20 is Sami Zayn! He goes right for Kevin Owens. He dumps Owens! #21 is Erick Rowan. He teams up with Harper to dump Neville. And then Stardust.

#22 is Mark Henry. Wyatts dump Henry. Strowman eliminates Zayn. #23 is the beast Brock Lesnar. HUGE pop.

Suplex city on the Wyatt family. Crowd chants Suplex City. Brock dumps Rowan. Suplex to Harper.

Lesnar continues to work on Harper and Strowman. #24 is Jack Swagger. Immediate F5 to Swagger and Lesnar tosses him. #25 is the Miz to no reaction. He joins the commentary table instead of going into the ring. Lesnar dumps Harper with Miz on commentary.

#26 is Alberto Del Rio. Lesnar and Strowman go head to head and Lesnar clotheslinse Strowman over the top.


#27 is Bray Wyatt. As he enters, he raises his arms and the other three Wyatts rise from the floor and re-enter the ring. All four of them beat down Lesnar in the ring. He rebounds and re-eliminates all three, leaving only Bray Wyatt.

He charges Lesnar who ducks and hits a suplex. But the other Wyatts return again. Sister Abigail on Brock! All four eliminate Lesnar.


#28 is Dolph Ziggler. He enters, Miz comes from the commentary table and goes to eliminate Dolph. Ziggler gets back in, goes for a superkick and Miz hits SCF. More brawling. #29 is Sheamus. Reigns returns to attack Sheamus and as Miz is being dumped. Crowd is booing Roman. Reigns goes to the ring.

Superman punches and crowd is booing Roman. #30 is HHH.


Ziggler eats a Pedigree. Reigns fights off Bray. HHH and Roman face to face. More highspots by various wrestlers but no eliminations. HHH dumps Ziggler. HHH and Bray face off.


Bray gets some offense but HHH dumps him. Down to Sheamus, Jericho, Ambrose, HHH, Reigns.

Codebreaker by Jericho on HHH but then Ambrose dumps Jericho. Cole says Jericho was in over 50 minutes.

FINAL FOUR: Roman Reigns, Sheamus, HHH, Dean Ambrose.

Reigns dumps Sheamus, but as he does, HHH dumps Reigns!!! HHH gives Reigns crotch chops!

Final two; Ambrose and HHH.


Ambrose knocks HHH to the apron, goes to hit him off, but HHH knees him, then back drops Ambrose over the top for the win.
Winner and NEW WWE Champion: HHH

Stephanie and Vince come down to celebrate.


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