Kofi Kingston Speaks out On Delivering an Anti-Bullying Message to Children

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Kofi Kingston recently spoke with The Sporting News, here are the highlights…

On His Time at West End House in Allston-Brighton & Relating it to WWE’s Work With The Boys & Girls Club Club: There was an endless amount of activities that we were able to participate in and it was just a really, really positive place to be. We felt really good about ourselves. I despised leaving when the time came for my parents to pick me up and I had to go home. I would be thinking about getting back and being able to have all that fun. It definitely was a big part of my life growing up.

On Delivering an Anti-Bullying Message to Children: Being on TV and being a part of WWE when people see it on TV, they are just blown away by the spectacle of it all; the entertainment aspect, the characters Then, getting to see those characters in real life, it just blows the mind of a child away. Most people don’t get to meet the people they see on television. They listen. They listen very, very carefully to what we say. I can only imagine if Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat came to visit me. I would have remembered everything he had to say as a kid because I looked up to him so much. We’re just trying to pay it forward and do our part.