10 Thoughts on NXT – 17th February 2016 – Sami Zayn, Samoa Joe, Asuka

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JT on NXT – 10 Thoughts 17th February 2016
1. It’s NXT time and we’re kicking off with Enzo & Cass in an 8 man tag match featuring American Alpha, the Dubstep Douchebags and champions Dash & Dawson. The Alphas have new tights that seem to come straight from 1987, which only works because they’re awesome.

2. Enzo & Cass are faces this week, but only because they’re facing two teams people either hate or don’t care about. Enzo gets the pin despite letting go of the pin before the ref actually counts three. For a match featuring Jordan and Gable, this was not great.

3. Interview with Deanna Platazzo, who was knocked out by Asuka a couple of weeks ago. She is confronted by Emma and Dana Brooke, who apparently ‘run NXT’. Well if that is true then you need to pull your socks up, ladies, because NXT has been treading water since the last Takeover…

4. Asuka is up next, giving Deanna Platazzo a rematch for some reason. Once again Deanna puts up a spirited effort but eventually gets knocked the hell out and pinned. Fun but kinda pointless.

5. Promo form Eva Maria and Nia Jax. They say stuff, few people care.

6. Oh, great, it’s Alex Riley vs Tye Dillinger, in a battle of the ‘guys that don’t quite have the it factor’. Riley looks more like a drifter than Elias Sampson, if drifters had only one facial expression. Maybe Riley and Sampson could team up and become TNA tag champs. Dillinger gets the win, which I think might be a first on NXT. Good for you, man.

7. Finn Balor interview; he respects Apollo Crews, he’s looking forward to the main event tonight, and like most of us is hoping desperately for a clean finish (the last part was implied).

8. They’re giving Joe vs Sami a decent amount of time, which is a good sign, and the indie veterans proceed to tell a classic wrestling story. Joe uses his power and submissions to wear Sami down, but Zayn will not be broken and fights back with heart and passion.

9. Excellent match from both workers, with some stiff strikes and smooth reversals. And of course, we have to have another BS finish, because HHH is apparently possessed by the ghost of Dusty Rhodes.

10. Yet another average episode of NXT saved by a fantastic main event. Honestly, if I had to choose between NXT and Lucha Underground at this point, I would probably choose the soap opera. Bring on the next Takeover!

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