Lucha Underground S2 E5: The Machine – Ongoing Live Coverage, New Episode Premiere Featuring Johnny Mundo, Brian Cage, PJ Black, Jack Evans, Texano Jr. & Many More!

Cage LU 3 S2E2

Hey Believers!  Welcome to tonight’s live coverage of the all-new episode of Lucha Underground!  We’re finally getting a main event of the first feud for two of the biggest candidates for the Lucha Underground Championship – “The Machine,” Brian Cage, and Johnny Mundo!  Where will this match take these two?  Is there a Championship match against current Champ Mil Muertes in the future for the winner?  We’ll find out!

Also set to compete are indie circuit star Jack “The Dragonslayer” Evans and former WWE Superstar “The Darewolf” PJ Black!  This will be the second match overall this season for both luchadores.  Texano Jr. is also returning tonight for his first match of the season!  DISH Network’s info for the episode tells me that it will be against Chavo Guerrero!  Recall that in the last episode Texano added insult to injury to Guerrero and The Crew after their loss against former LU Trios Champions, The Unlikely Trio!

Plus – who was chasing Sexy Star at the end of last week’s episode?  Was it Marty “The Moth” Martinez?  Or perhaps the long-awaited debut of his legendary grandmother?  How will Cortez Castro and Joey Ryan catch Dario Cueto when they’re wrestling in the darkness of the Temple?  Will we hear more from Prince Puma and Pentagon Jr. after their killer main event last week?

Tonight, feuds will continue and rivalries will be born.  Tune it for the violent excitement at 8 P.M. on El Rey Network!  In the meantime, you can check out the live coverage from last week’s episode, and stay tuned shortly for the accompanying, detailed recap!  Edit: Here’s the recap!!  Enjoy!

Catrina 3 LU S2E4

Tonight’s Twitter buzz!!

Matt Striker did an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit tonight!  You can check it out below!

Lucha Underground is also “one of the best-kept secrets in pro wrestling,” according to a recent review in the Rolling Stone!

Mundo Cage 5 LU S2E4

Anti.  Ci.  Pation.

8 P.M. on the dot!

We get a recap of the start of Johnny Mundo and Brian Cage’s feud!  This was a couple episodes ago!  Plus a recap of the Guerrero/Texano feud!  Texano is back for revenge!  And the sneak attack from last week by Mundo on Cage.

Pentagon’s backstory with Vampiro from last season.  The brutal Ultima Lucha fight.  The voices in Vampiro’s head.  Now, things have changed for the two.  Together, nothing can stop them.  Yes, Master.

Back to Boyle Heights.  Striker believes Johnny Mundo may finally get some redemption at tonight’s main event.

Melissa announces the singles match… Jack Evans takes away the mic from her!  Boos from the crowd.  “Let a professional handle this!” he says.  But he can’t talk – so much heel heat!  It burns!  He’s going to make Drago his little bitch!  And that’s how you open a match – or so Jack Evans claims.

Here comes PJ Black!  “The Darewolf!”  We’re in for an awesome match with two agile luchadores.

Singles Match: Jack “The Dragonslayer” Evans vs. “The Darewolf” PJ Black

Here we go!  Lots of cheers for PJ.  Evans wants to make things clear.  He offers good sportsmanship, and kicks PJ!  Dragon twist!  PJ counters with a heel kick and a punch to the face!  “Stay down, son!”

PJ is on the turnbuckles and kicks Evans!  Uh oh, PJ’s in a bad spot in the corner.  Evans flips into PJ.  PJ rolls and pins Evans!  Kick out.  PJ taunts Evans.  PJ has him in a headlock.

Whoa!  PJ moves and pins Evans again!  Evans is getting schooled, says Vampiro!  Evans kicks PJ from the ropes.  Lots of shining athleticism from the Dragonslayer.  Drago looks on from the balcony!

Evans freaks out when he sees Drago.  PJ stays in the ring.  Evans gets a chair and water from the audience. PJ recovers and sneaks upon Evans!  He pins him and kicks out at 2!  Drago comes down.  PJ goes for a suplex!  But Drago spits in PJ’s face on accident!

Evans uses this to his advantage and pins PJ!  He gets it!

Winner via pinfall: Jack “The Dragonslayer” Evans

Drago and PJ stay in the ring in frustration.

We cut to commercial!

Want to get in shape during the commercial breaks?  Check out Mundo’s tips below!

We’re back!

Singles Match: Gift of the Gods Champion King Cuerno vs. Killshot

Whoa!  An unexpected match, though inevitable.  We can’t get enough of these two, especially from last season.  Let’s go!

Counters.  Killshot dodges many moves.  He jumps from the ropes!  Cheers from the crowd.  Mil watches.  A loud slap – ouch.  Killshot jumps out of the ring onto Cuerno.

Cuerno lays by the audience.  Killshot picks him up and hits him.  Cuerno hits back.  Back and forth.  Vampiro and Striker make a bet.  Killshot slaps Cuerno.

They’re back in the ring.  Cuerno dodges Killshot again from out of the ring.  Is Cuerno waiting for momentum.  He takes an arrow from the quiver!  He jumps onto Killshot from the ring!

Cheers from the crowd.  He kicks Killshot in the head.

They’re back in the ring again.  Cuerno’s sliding heel attack.  He runs into Killshot into the turnbuckles but Killshot lifts him from the hit. Killshot’s on the turnbuckles!  He goes for the suplex, but Cuerno stays put. He reverses the move!  Killshot saves his career.  They’re out of the ring now, suffering.

The ref starts a count.  They’re back in the ring at 9.  Killshot punches Cuerno.  Forearm strike.  Killshot gets his balance, and Cuerno interrupts.  Back and forth hitting and slaps.  Cuerno is on the floor.  Strikes are important for momentum.  Killshot gets a strike of his own.  They’re both pretty hurt.  Killshot flips from the ropes but Cuerno counters!

Cuerno goes for a piledriver but Killshot reverses!  Ouch!  He climbs the turnbuckles.  He prepares!  He jumps!  He misses!

Cuerno lifts him for a Thrill of the Hunt and pins Killshot!  He wins!

Winner via pinfall: Gift of the Gods Champion King Cuerno

He beats down Killshot to a pulp!  Boos from the crowd!  Is this a message for the locker room?

OMG it’s Fenix!

Cuerno bails from the ring ASAP!  Fenix wants a fight!  Cheers from the crowd!

Up next is Texano’s match!  We cut to commercial.

Make sure to call GET FAME!

We’re back!

Gauntlet Match: Texano vs. The Crew & Chavo Guerrero

Texano must defeat all three men!  Mr. Cisco is first.  Cheers from the crowd!  Cisco’s ready.  So is Chavo. Texano pins Cisco immediately!  Cisco has been eliminated!

Cortez is next!  Cortez fails a sneak attack!  Texano’s got him cornered!  He hits him repeatedly!  Cortez comes back with hits.  Cortez jumps on Texano.

Cover by Cortez, kick out at two.  Cheers for Texano. Headlock by Cortez, cover!  Kick out.  Cortez targets Texano’s neck, but Texano picks him up.  Counters. Drop toe hold by Cortez.  More counters.  Texano pins Cortez but he kicks out.  Texano is in the turnbuckles but kicks Cortez away.  Another pin by Texano but Cortez kicks out.  He’s holding his own.

Counters.  Cortez slaps Texano.  He taunts Texano!  Texano counters and pins him!  He’s been eliminated!

Here comes Chavo!  He beats down Texano!  Boos from the crowd.  Chavo focuses on the head and neck, like Cortez.  Texano is cornered.  Chavo is pressing him into the ropes.  Chavo keeps space from his opponent.  Striker reminds viewers of Chavo’s heritage.  Chavo hits Teaxno.  Texano comes back with a clothesline!  Chavo is cornered!  Huge beatdown by Texano!

Texano grabs Chavo by the drawers.  Back body drop by Texano!  Chavo gets out of the ring but Texano hauls him back in the ring.  Viva Mexico!  Wait – Cortez and Chavo hold Texano by his own bull rope!! Chavo wins!

Winner via pinfall: Chavo Guerrero

We go to commercial.

We’re back!

375 miles from Boyle Heights!  It’s Black Lotus and Dario Cueto!  FINALLLLYYYYY!

Cueto’s brother saved his life once.  His mother was wicked.  He suspected she was El Diablo.  One day, he had enough – no mas.  But he wasn’t strong enough.  Hot irons were involved.  Matanza saved him.  He holds the lion artifact. Lotus listens intently.  She thinks it’s terrible, but Cueto doesn’t think so.  He learned about violence.

Back in Boyle Heights, Catrina is backstage.  Pentagon Jr. calls to her.  Prince Puma must be taught a lesson.  Then go teach him one, she says.

But no – Pentagon wants a match.  Catrina doesn’t want to, especially after what he did to Mil.  OMG they brawl in the practice ring!  He has her in submission!

She disappears into the turnbuckle.

Pentagon fights Prince Puma again next week!!!  But Pentagon will regret putting his hands on Catrina… Who has amazing powers at her disposal.

We cut to commercial!

We’re back!

It’s time for the main event!!!  Like him or not, Johnny’s in shape.

And here comes Cage!  Welcome, the Machine!

Main Event: Johnny Mundo vs. Brian Cage!!

Here we go!  Mundo slaps Cage!  He jumps on him from the ropes but Cage has in the turnbuckles!  They fight on top of each other!  They’re all over the ring!  Behind the ropes.  In the center.  Cage sends Mundo in the corner, but he’s too quick.  He comes back.  He enjoys the cheers.

Counters.  Cage transitions!  Cage slams into Mundo in the turnbuckles.  Cage goes for a move, but Mundo holds on.  They fight on the turnbuckle.  Mundo slinks down it.  Cage gets out of the ring to regroup.

Mundo springboards from the ropes!  Wow!  Mundo would.

Cage suffers on the floor and Mundo slaps him.  Mundo slams him into the balcony gates!  He kicks him in the gut.  They’re both back in the ring.  Mundo pins him but Cage kicks out at two.  Mundo stays on his opponent.  Beatdown.  Headlock submission by Mundo.  Cage moves to escape.  Submission!  Cheers for Cage.  Cage is up.  He reverses.  Mundo flips out of a classic Cage move!  Mundo isn’t even sweating!

Cage does a body drop on Mundo!  He’s got momentum!  Clothesline! Play with the ropes.  Alabama slam! Cage pins Mundo but it’s not enough.

“Cage is gonna kill you!” chants!  Mundo reverses Cage’s efforts.  Vampiro and Striker argue.  Cage hits Mundo from behind.  Mundo is trapped on the turnbuckles!  Was that a slap in the groin by Cage?!

Mundo is out of the ring.  Cage pulls him back in.  Mundo hits him and slides underneath through the ropes.  Pin, kick out by Cage.  Lots of pins and kick-outs.  Mundo comes back with another hit!  Cage’s destroyer!  He pins Mundo, but Mundo’s foot is on the rope!

Mundo gets out of the ring.  Cage stands on the ropes.  He has him by the neck.  Mundo reverses!  Jump from the ropes!  Mundo’s End of the World! Wait!  Discus lariat by Cage!  Cage chants from the crowd! Weapon X!!


She argues with the referee!  Mundo recovers while Cage is distracted! Mundo gets a hammer and hits Cage!

He pins Cage!  1.  2.  3!

Winner via pinfall: Johnny Mundo

Taya and Mundo beat Cage!  Boos from the crowd!  “You’ve got nothing!” she tells Cage!  Taya moves into Cage with the turnbuckles!

Mundo adds insult to injury!  They celebrate!

That’s not all… Cuerno meets with Catrina in her office.  He’s sick of Fenix.  Cuerno wants Mil next week, broken arm or nah.  Catrina agrees.  Too bad, says Cuerno.  But she’s already set up a match between him and Fenix for the Gift of the Gods Title!  He says he has a right to face the champ Mil, but Catrina won’t budge.  Next week, this match is a ladder match!

Time for the episode replay!  Goodnight everybody!

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