CB’s Slant: Bold WrestleMania Predictions That Could Just Salvage Roman Reigns vs. HHH and Tie Into Shane McMahon vs. The Undertaker

I think I just figured out this whole WrestleMania 32 Dallas Cowboys Star conundrum where Roman Reigns is supposed to leave with the title.

Here. We. Go!

Roman beats HHH for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in the type of match you’d expect.

Later on is where things get interesting.

As Shane McMahon is facing The Undertaker, Roman Reigns interferes and destroys Taker, giving Shane the win.

After the match, Roman continues his destruction of Taker and soaks up the boos. Vince, HHH and Steph either come out or are already out. When HHH isn’t looking Vince nails Hunter with either a chair shot, low blow, or throws a sledgehammer to Shane who takes out HHH.

You have a quadruple turn where Roman and Shane turn heel and HHH and Steph turn face.

Shane/Vince then run Raw, while HHH/Steph run SmackDown, with NXT talent exclusive to SmackDown.

What do YOU think? Would such a turn of events make you feel better about the WWE post-Mania? Sound off in the comments section below!

CB’s Slant: BONUS Thoughts on The Big Show

I was just going through some of my old wrestling columns from 2003 right here in the Pulse Wrestling archives, and here’s a thought I made on Big Show back then:
“The Big Show will never be a top-tier WWE superstar. It’s not Mr. Wight’s fault, per se, it’s just that the big man has been flipped from heel to face and from show to show so many times now that the fans have never really had the chance to buy into any move he’s tried to make. Either that, or it all comes back to the time when Big Show was thrown into a WWF Championship title defense against The Big Boss Man. In all honesty, as soon as I saw what was about to transpire in those few weeks when he was the Champ, I just stopped caring right then and there about anything involving The Big Show. His WWE legacy: Giant potential never realized.”

As interesting it was for me to go back and see some of my old thoughts on wrestling way back when, I found this particular piece to be reflective of Big Show’s own thoughts that he made on the Stone Cold Podcast a couple weeks back.
I mean, if I/we were complaining about Big Show heel/face turns 13 years ago, just think of how many times he’s flipped back and forth since then.

I think Big Show’s right – he should have protected his character more over the years.

TL;DR: My thoughts on Big Show in 2003 echo Big Show’s own sentiments from the Austin Podcast in 2016 … that he was booked horribly and he should have said something about it.

That’s all from ME — CB.

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