10 Thoughts on Fuller House – Funner House

Now that the stage has been fully set, and all our characters are solidified, it’s time to start looking at what this show is trying to do on it’s most basic level. Fuller House is predicated mostly on nostalgia, so allowing things like new technology, advanced social mores, and, you know, jokes not from the eighties are not especially on the minds of the writers. This episode might be the only actual attempt to change that. Today’s episode has Kimmy and Steph convincing DJ to take a break from parenting and join them at a club. Meanwhile, uncle Joey comes by to watch the kids.

Here are some thoughts.


1. The nostalgia is wearing off quickly

Look, I get it. I’m not the target audience for this show. I wasn’t the target audience for the original either. This whole show is based around the idea that if you loved the original, you’ll love this. Nostalgia reigns supreme. But nostalgia is not enough to keep a show afloat. Stephanie has now uttered her catchphrase “how rude” a whopping seven times since the premiere. At first, it was cute. The seventh time it’s stupendously irritating. So moving forward, if the show is going to get any better, there needs to be some branching out. Somehow, I doubt that outcome.

2. It looks like guest appearances are going to be on a rotating basis

On today’s episode, Uncle Joey (Dave Coulier) comes over to babysit the kids while the ladies go out for a night on the town. Yesterday’s episode had Uncle Jessie (John Stamos) along for the ride. If I had to guess, I’d say Bob Saget will probably show up for tomorrow’s episode. That’s an interesting way to keep the original cast on board, if this is indeed what they are doing. Instead of cramming every one into every episode, it makes sense to have them rotating. It allows for each of the actors to play heavily to their strengths while being front and center. This may be the first good idea of the series.

3. Look! It’s 2016! Isn’t that funny!?

In the first 45 seconds of the episode the word “fleek” is used four times, Kimmy and Steph take a selfie, and Steph accidentally tells Kimmy she’s blocked her on Instagram. Later, all the kids are on their various devices, much to Uncle Jessie’s chagrin. After two episodes where acknowledging that is was no longer the eighties seemed anathema to the show, we get 2016 crammed down our throats at every turn. And it’s mostly played for laughs. As in, they make a reference to a decidedly un-eighties phenomenon and the audience just yaks it up. There’s never a point of view about it. The joke is always just “2016!!!!!!!”


4. Kimmy spends a lot of time at the club

The club that Kimmy takes DJ and Steph to is called Euphoria. When asked if they have a reservation, Kimmy announces “they’re with me,” and they are escorted to a VIP velvet rope corner of the club. When the girls marvel at Kimmy’s social currency, she responds by saying she comes here all the time. “I even have a toothbrush behind the counter,” she quips. My guess would be that Kimmy’s constant partying is likely hiding a deep sense of inferiority and self hatred, bred by years of the Tanner family telling her she’s annoying and stupid. But they probably won’t bring that up.

5. Max remains cute and charming

The seven year old son of DJ remains the only character who is consistently and convincingly sincere. Early in the episode we watch him excitedly talk about a live stream of Pluto (not a thing), then when Joey makes a stupid joke about Neil DeGrasse Tyson farting, Max responds “Everyone knows Neil Degrasse Tyson doesn’t fart.” Ha! WHAT!? Oh, Max. You are the only thing keeping me sane.

6. Macy Gray, dear god, what are you doing here??

Turns out, Steph was “spinning” in Europe (as DJ Tanner. Get it?) and apparently developed a relationship with Macy Gray. Which, you know, cool. But really, how on EARTH did they get Macy Gray to do this show?? AND preform with Steph!? She seems a little out of it and maybe a touch drunk the entire episode. Or maybe she was just uncomfortable. She is no actress after all. At one point, she even asks “What the hell am I doing here, I have a Grammy!?” That is a very good question, Macy. One that we all find ourselves asking.

7. Oh, good, more dance numbers

And, of course, Kimmy’s ex husband shows up to flirt with her, only to reveal that he has a new main squeeze who is also at the club. So that establishes him as a full throated douche bag. And wouldn’t you know it? There’s a dance competition! And DJ suggests they do their Dirty Dancing routine from the fourth grade talent show!! HAHAHAHAHA. WHAT FUN. YAY DANCING.

This marks the FIFTH time since the beginning of the series that we’ve had a dance break. Is it really that hard to fill half an hour of television?

8. Those skeevy brothers turned out to be the best part of the episode

Steph picks up a couple of hunky dudes, who happen to be brothers (and, as my girlfriend informed me, cast members of Dancing with the Stars). At first, they are very icky, and very clearly turned on by the possibility of sleeping with sisters. Ew. But after it becomes clear that the girls aren’t really interested, they end up just doing their own thing. Which is mostly dancing. And tearing off their shirts in unison. Once their sexually predatory vibe wears off, they just end up being dopey and kinda cute. And they help Kimmy and DJ win the competition so, uh, yaay!


9. The B-story is incredibly weak

Joey has stolen all of the kids devices and given them silly string and squirt guns filled with slime. And they all play with them. The kids decide to team up on Joey and it backfires. That’s the story. Again, I don’t know where baby Tommy is in all of this. But jeez, talk about a lazy plot. There wasn’t even some grand realization about the power of play over technology or anything like that. It would have been so easy! But they missed the opportunity.

10. DJ, that’s irresponsible 

After her and Kimmy win the contest, she deliriously shouts “Free shots for everyone!” to which the entire bar cheers. But there’s, like, sixty people in that bar. Shots are at the minimum ten dollars. That means this single mom with three kids is going to drop $600, at the very least, on a bunch of strangers because she won a dance competition (that she technically cheated in!). That is very irresponsible. It would seem that any sort of veil of maturity these women have is swiped away with a couple shots of tequila. How’s that for progress?


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