WWE Wrestlemania 32 News: Pre-Show To Simulcast on USA Network, Possible Overrun Planned

Wrestlemania 32

For WWE Wrestlemania 32, the show is supposed to run from 7PM to 11PM Eastern time, which is 6PM to 10PM Central time in Dallas Texas.

WWE seems to be prepared for an overrun for the show. PPV providers overseas have been told the show will go past 11 p.m., with the WWE telling them the show will end between 11:05 p.m. and 11:20 p.m. Eastern time.

WWE Network is actually scheduled for 7 hours of coverage.

One of the hours is a pre-show, which will air from 5-6PM Eastern. The next is between the pre-show and the main show, airing from 6-7PM Eastern. This second hour of the Pre-Show features the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal and it will simulcast on the USA Network

Then there will be a post-game show as well.

So the 7 hours are:

  • 5-6PM – Pre-Show Hour 1
  • 6-7PM – Pre-Show Hour 2 – Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal (simulcast on the USA Network)
  • 7PM-11/11:20PM – Wrestlemania 32 Main Show
  • 11PM-12AM- Post-Show

Wrestlemania 32 is Sunday, April 3, 2016 live from Texas Stadium.

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